Wedding Video

Wedding Video, the way it should be.

Imagine this.

A light background music is suddenly interrupted by people from diverse backgrounds arriving at the scene and eager hands greeting, everybody is introducing each other, there is a lot of excitement in the air, the groom openly appreciates the bride’s costume, instantly there are a lot “oohs and aaahs” and some claps, some of the couples’ friends are whispering to each other and smiling to themselves, the groom proudly introduces his to-be wife to his cousins and close friends, the bride’s uncle is checking on the wedding arrangements in the background, the bride and the groom find a moment to have a quick private chat, a small string of light from the window lights up the bride’s face who is enjoying a hearty laugh, the flowers and the decoration is looking vivid, ready to welcome the start of a new story.

Story telling is an art and when all the emotions, colors and sounds of “your story” is captured with a creative and candid style in high definition, the output is your favorite video of all time, your wedding video!

Our skill, experience and totally unobtrusive style of video coupled with surround sound will allow you to enjoy your wedding even more!

At Cusp Concepts, we provide the following video services:

  • High definition and/or Standard definition video.
  • Surround sound to add that 360 degrees experience.
  • The audio recording also captures the greetings, jokes and interactions with family and friends on and off the stage.
  • Harsh artificial light is avoided and use natural light as much as possible.
  • The video would be taken on the professional HD video camera as well as the HD capable DSLR.
  • Some video clips that you suggest would be published on the website for your family and friends across the world to see and enjoy.
  • We will also provide the video clips to play on your mobile phone, divx player or a game console.
  • We can author a AVCHD or a Bluray video format on their respective discs.

We follow streamlined workflows and powerful computing techniques to shorten our processing times and help us spend more time on creativity to make our work a masterpiece!

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