4. Sulagnaa and Praneeth

4. Sulagnaa and Praneeth

Why do we love our job @CuspConcepts? We get to shoot more and more interesting weddings back to back.

Sulagnaa’s and Praneeth’s wedding was one of them.

Imagine a setting with a small gathering of just your loved ones, around a beautifully set ‘mandap’, a nice big ‘homa’ in the center and vedic chants echoing. This was what we had expected when we were planning for the assignment. But it turned out to be a complete surprise.

The best part was that there was a lady priest from the Arya Samaj specially requested to conduct the wedding. She gave a wonderful explanation of every ritual that was conducted and that too in ‘English’, was very interesting. She would explain the meaning of the mantras that would be chanted next. Once, a mantra meant something like the wife has to support the husband to reach the top most position in his profession and stuff like that and once she finished explaining she said that all these hold good vice versa since the constitution has defined equal rights for both men and women; how often do you ever hear that and how often do you even understand the mantras. All the ‘our generation’ guys and girls went ‘Naaaice’!

You can see the recorded ‘live webcast’ here.  

 Note: The first thing I noticed when I saw the mandap was that the whole mandap was suspended with the help of just ropes and hence didn’t have any poles holding the whole thing. I was thinking, Man! I should do this next time we have to decorate our house for the Ganesha festival.

Once Praneeth tied the knot, the sigh of relief and that smile on both their faces was a sight to see. Both of them instantly started talking on their phones. We were so fascinated that there were 100+ people watching the live webcast.

Sulagnaa is a photographers’ delight, she can smile 24×7 (she is in HR and this should be a huge plus). We thought we got some good shots and were very happy.  

It was so nice to see our favorite couple Vinay and Sowmya too, Vinay was always smiling and Sowmya was looking very beautiful, as always. Vinay and Sowmya loved their wedding album as well.    

Fully recommend the Arya Samaj wedding, it is so short, sweet and perfect. You get to do the rituals in the traditional way, so you don’t feel that you didn’t have a real wedding and you also get your marriage certificates in an instant. You’d save that money and could spend it on a super sexy reception like how Praneeth and Sulagnaa did.

We packed our bags and had to get ready for the evening reception.

The evening reception was AWESOME! Really Awesome!

They had booked the whole of Hotel Khayal in Chancery on Lavelle Road! The place was very well decorated, I loved the ambience and the interiors, great lighting and there was AC! Brilliant!

Me and Pia were super thrilled with the fact that we can expect some kick-ass shots. And I think we did get some good ones.

Praneeth and Sulagnaa were looking great and were so much more relaxed than morning.

It was a small gathering of just close family and friends.

We were having a lot of fun shooting. Trust me; they were one of the liveliest bunch of people I’ve seen.

We were showing off the photos we had clicked in the morning. Well we had to, because there were so many potential clients there.

The best part of the shoot in the evening was taking the group shot of Sulagnaa’s (Girl) friends!

The last scene I remember from that day was a lot of happy faces.

Thanks for choosing us to shoot your wedding Praneeth and Sulagnaa!

Hope you like the pictures everybody. Looking forward to your feedback already!

– Phalgun


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  • Anupam

    Congrats to you two lovebirds!

  • Sushmita

    Lovely Snaps! God bless!

  • Harsha

    I am Praneeth’s cousin sister..
    Though I could not come for the marriage I enjoyed looking at the pictures.
    You all are too good..

  • Jerry Mukkadan

    Not much of b&w this time?! Intentional? When do you plan to do

    outdoors with the couples. That must definitely add some difference to

    the whole bunch :) All the best buddy!

  • Sreesha Bhat

    God bless you both…Happy married life..

  • Buchan

    Nice Pics…

  • Shiv

    Wonderful work by Phalgun again!!

    God bless the newly wed couples!!

    I enjoyed being there!!

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