5. Tina and Family – A Casual Photoshoot

5. Tina and Family – A Casual Photoshoot

The Casual Photoshoot was of Tina's family at her house. 

It was of the whole family, including the dogs!

Shwetha and me love dogs. So when I mentioned this to her, she was very excited to join me on the shoot. 

The surprise that day was that Tina's sister-in-law's husband was my batch mate from my B-school. 

Guess who?! …. 'Anil The Cowboy Malgikar' ! Met his wife too, Aparna. It was a lot of fun taking their pictures, just point the camera at them and they can give you a superb pose in an instant. 

It was nice to meet uncle and aunty, very cool bunch. Loved the house, entirely designed by Sujatha aunty. Tina is the soft spoken one, silently co-ordinating things and convincing Arvind (Tina's husband) to wear the kurta. Arvind and me hit it off big-time; he is a big geek. We spoke about UX – User Experience, Usability, latest developments on the Android, etc. He works for www.UXdesignlabs.com; a very cool startup. 

The dogs were very adorable and very sleepy, did manage to get some good shots of them as well. (The previous day I was searching for 'how to shoot pets' on Google and I was a bit horrified looking at the search results, they were like ‘how to kill a dog’, ‘how to kill a cat’, Man! From then on I’ve realized that I’ll have to use the word ‘shoot’ carefully, wonder if there is another word that could replace that effectively.)

We did a casual shoot in the morning and post lunch. The light in the morning was just beautiful and in the evening was hoping to get some golden light, which I did but for a few minutes and it poured like crazy.

When we took a break in the afternoon, we went to Central Jayanagar to buy Shwetha some gifts for her Birthday which is on Thursday. And the mission was successful! Had some yummy pasta and the huge Ice-cream Soda in that cafeteria. And headed back to Tina’s house for the evening session.

I did not expect them to be so excited about the photoshoot (I’ve realized that these photoshoots are turning out to be a nice social exercise). They actually changed into 3-4 different costumes, amazing!

All in all both Shwetha and Me had a good time. It was like as if we were clicking pictures of our distant cousins.

Hope you all like the pictures! Posted a few here. You can see the rest at tina.cuspconcepts.com

Thank you Sowmya for referring me to them. 

– Phalgun   

3 Responses to 5. Tina and Family – A Casual Photoshoot
  • Anil Malgikar

    I’ve been a model for 5 yrs but never before have I enjoyed a photoshoot so much. This was different. Besides the fact it was with my family this felt so natural. Two things that really made the difference were:
    1) The emotions were captured: We were all enjoying ourselves- laughing, goofing & having fun. This energy was never once obstructed by Phalgun. He just let us do our thing. There was never really any posing done for the camera. It was just a natural flow of things.
    2) The Passion: I’ve seen & been with many photographers & found Phalgun unique in his approach( & he doesn’t know it). He lets the Chi of the place & the people flow. His own passionate energy overrides all the time & its definitely infectious. So the end result is that this radiant energy is there to see in the photographs.

    I wish Phalgun all the best in his new venture. We both studied MBA in an institution which strives to infuse the entrepreneurial spirit. Phalgun is following his heart & walking the path.
    Kudos to that. And in this zone where work is passion, the heart talks not the mind.

  • Aparna Tadimalla

    Dear Phalgun and Shweta, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The photographs are simply fantastic.
    There is a freshness in these pictures….even in the ones where we have posed formally! I always found it extremely tedious and boring to pose for photos but sunday’s photo session was something else.
    You both made me feel absolutely at ease…so unlike the “in ur face” professional photographers.
    Your enthusiasm and passion in every moment captured is clearly visible in the photographs. You rubbed off some of that enthusiasm and excitement onto us….else there was no way I would’ve thought of dress changes and stuff.
    I do hope you continue with the same zeal and joy.
    We definitely will be shooting more….in the near future.
    Wish you both the very best.
    Loved the pics.

  • Arvind Tadimalla

    Phalgun brought with him some snazzy equipment. Knew how to handle it (thankfully). Extremely warm and creates a comfort zone for the subjects. In the short time he and his wife Shwetha spent with us, not only did we get some of the best snaps of our life but also managed to make friends as well.

    Highly recommended!!!!!!

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