6. Sulagnaa and Praneeth – Outdoor Shoot

6. Sulagnaa and Praneeth – Outdoor Shoot

Sulagnaa and Praneeth's casual Outdoor shoot was at Eagleton Golf Resorts. It's an awesome place to come on a holiday to eat, play and relax. Yup! That's exactly what we did!

This outdoor shoot we had planned an interesting creative idea where we shoot two images in relation with the other and club them together to increase the impact.

We had sketched a list of shots for that day and had scouted around that place for some interesting locations.

Sulagnaa and Praneeth were looking great and completely different from the last time we had seen them, they came in a very sexy Volkwagon Polo (What a Car!), Praneeth was very thrilled because he took the NICE road to reach Mysore road. And anybody who love to drive FAST; NICE road is the road to drive on. (Yes! We keep going 'Naice Road!' 'Naice Road!' all the time)

Eagleton is one of my favorite resorts. We have been going there for almost 10 years now. The Golf turf, the blue sky, the sprinklers and the very European styled architecture and furniture. Love the Buffet Lunch there (they make some amazingly yummm Fish delicacies). Once the sun sets, you can see all the 18 holes lit up which go all the way to the horizon.

Sulagnaa, as I'd already mentioned in the last blog, is a 'Photographer's Delight'. The interesting thing was that, we had planned to shoot against this backdrop and when Sulagnaa saw this place she exclaimed that she wanted a shot there and automatically went and sat on the that grill. Wow! How easy was that. It is very encouraging to see that your clients/friends are so comfortable. Praneeth was a bit conscious initially and then got into the groove. It was fun to see him jump everytime I sneaked behind him to capture some candid shots from my angle while Pia was clicking theirs from the front.


The weather was so perfect!

The two love birds were enjoying the place and we were enjoying it too, the light, the weather, etc. from a photographers' point of view.

Man! It was really difficult to take him away from her.

What Next?! The Surprise!!! We went to the 'Driving Range'! That was a lot of fun! The instructor and all the others were pretty convinced that if Praneeth played for a couple of more sessions he would be a professional golfer! (Dude Tiger Woods calling!)

Note: Check out the videos at the end of this post! :)


Post lunch (Post – AWESOME Lunch) and after a lot of chatting we were ready for the next session of the photoshoot.

Both of them were looking great!

It rained and the whole place looked even better. We got some pretty cool shots. We had some nice hot beverages in that evening chill and left for the day.

We had met as clients and we left as great friends who would be meeting again and again.

Thanks guys for such a nice time! We had a lot of fun.

Now I gotta go and nurse my golf fatigued arm and wrist!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Will be adding more in a couple of days.

– Phalgun

PS. Here is a really hilarious video.

An Important Golf Tip – How not to play

A kid who came to assist us while we were trying our hand at Golf in Eagleton Golf Resort's Driving range, showed us the most important thing about golf. "Hold on to your club and do not let go of it ever!"

And here is Praneeth showing us how to do it right like a Pro!

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  • Monish

    Another wow collection and effort – superb…

  • Swetha

    cool pics as always.. i loved the last pic.. mirror image on the ground.. its awesome !!

  • Preethi

    Hey guys!
    What can I say, you are awesome at what you do!
    I am Praneeth’s sis living in USA. Could not come to his wedding, because of you guys got to see the wedding through live cast – felt like I was part of the wedding. Thanks for the coverage :)
    I fell in love with your work when I saw Vinay and Sowmya’s outdoor shoot and wedding pics. Then You guys did an awesome job by covering my bro’s wedding. And now, this outdoor shoot which is absolutely cool :)
    I have decided that, when ever I visit India I would like you guys to take pictures of my baby girl.
    Hope you guys will be ready for her :)

  • Parikshit

    Awesome images…Post lunch pic suits for a bollywood flick’s opening poster.

  • Jerry Mukkadan

    Good ones buddy :)
    Use some silly toys or good ol’ board games with your next couple and see how it works out :)
    All the best!

  • Vivek

    Phalgun & Team,
    Wonderful job! Love the work and post processing. Very creative.
    The best of all – 2 of them against the wall @ right angles. Great work!

  • Sulagnaa

    Hi Phalgun / Pia,

    The photos were really nice. Thanks guys for all your efforts and passion. Hats off to your creativity.

    By the way it was a great day out in your company.


  • Ambika

    Amazingg pics….Loved dem all :)..u both really look “Made for each other”

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