8. Smitha and Sathwick’s Wedding Video | Teaser

8. Smitha and Sathwick’s Wedding Video | Teaser

This assignment of capturing Sathwick and Smitha’s wedding was one of a kind; something very interesting about the team.

Started off with an email from Raghuram Ashok, (a friend of Shwetha’s whom I meeting after 12+ years), asking me to shoot video for a client of his. I said yes immediately, since I’ve been waiting to try out a few things and also wanted get my hands dirty now that I’m so inclined to video. I recently got to know that he is into photography and people, believe me he is one amazing creative individual. Check out his work here

He still has his desk job. I’ve been convincing him to take up photography fulltime as well.

Sathwick knew exactly what he wanted, we had a couple of calls and closed the deal in the shortest time till date.

The next exciting news was that Sowmya would be the other photographer for this wedding. Sowmya is one of the very few women photographers in Bangalore; who recently quit her job in an IT company to pursue photography fulltime. You can see her amazing work here.


Honestly it was great working along side such extremely creative individuals.

On the 17th evening, I’d arrived at the venue 3 hrs early to shoot the Varahapuja, one reason being it’s in my favorite locality; Basavangudi. I had rented some cine lights called the ‘Multi 10’ which simulated natural day light for video. There were so many kids there who were very fascinated with what I was shooting. So obviously I did show off with what the equipment is capable of doing and they were my friends instantly.

The funniest part was they would tell me the names of the people walking around and how they were related to either Sathwick or Smitha. You won’t believe the depth and detail that they would provide. I remember doing the exact same thing at every function when I was a kid i.e. telling the cameraman who to shoot.

There were these creatively gifted women who were making these fascinating paths made of petals in the hall. Was really beautiful. They spent around a couple of hours arranging that which would probably last for just 5 mins; this was where Sathwick ‘the Varah’ would be welcomed by Smitha’s family and would light a lamp. Interesting tradition that I’ve seen in the past few weddings.

The kids and the flower petals-laying women were my subjects until Sathwick arrived.

I would get a nanosecond glimpse at the bride once in a while. And I got to know that Smitha had an identical twin Swetha. Man! I got confused quite a few times and was very embarrassed too.

You can judge how popular one is by looking at the crowd that is gathered. Man! And it was one awesome crowd that received Sathwick.
Sathwick has a great sense of humour and can make anyone feel comfortable. And you can easily make out that both of them are very much in love with each other.

Sathwick’s wedding turned out to be a small reunion of sorts with my school friends. Met so many of them.

It was interesting to watch Raghuram running, jumping, bending, twisting etc. while shooting. I’m dying to see his photos.

The priests were extra-dramatic and extra-emotional while they were conducting the ceremony. I think they were having fun as well.

That evening it was very easy to find subjects because it was –in simple words- subjects galore. There were so many small interesting things on multiple plates that would be shifted from one room to another, then from the room to the stage and from the stage to Smitha’s room. More like ‘passing the parcel’ in a very complex way.

For the 17th it was just me and Raghuram who were capturing the events. We were done for the day at around 9.00 and headed home.

I did backup of all the video and audio on to the PC and in that process got to see the whole function. And was all set for the next day. The D’day!

I took Pia along to help me with the Live Webcast! This was the fun part. Live webcasting was a super-duper hit with these guys. 130+ people viewed the live webcast. There were people who were on the phone with a relative in the US and waving their hands and describing what they were wearing. It was pretty interesting. It was a common scene of people being dumbstruck everytime they would ask me and I’d explain how the webcast worked.

Sowmya and Raghuram were all set to shoot the wedding as well. It really inspiring to see how hard working these guys. They really go full on to make the most out of a moment. True creative photographer spirit.

There were so many people at the wedding. Sathwick and Smitha’s friends were ready to help with anything. That was really nice to see.

The idea was to capture the wedding in a candid personal style. So when composing and framing the scene, would include the couple, who are the main subjects and also the surroundings that they are interacting with. There were people all around in every direction. Candid style is to shoot what is happening as it is happening and not stage anything for the camera.

It was really fun to see all the rituals. What was different from the other weddings was the amount of energy. It’s really nice to see these modern individuals do all these traditional rituals with full attention and respect. It’s difficult not like it, it’s so much fun!

The lifting of the bride and groom by the friends and relatives to throw garlands at each other. It reminded me of the Mahabharatha war. Then the swing and then the cloth that is lowered for the bride and groom to put the akshathe on each other. (This brings back hilarious memories from my wedding, where I was petrified when Shwetha chucked the akshathe at me, when the swami had clearly told us to gently keep it on each other’s head.) By the way all these events were also webcast live; thanks to Sathwick’s friends who helped a lot with the camera.

There were more petal laid paths that day. It’s amazing how they do it, it’s kind of mesmerizing to just watch them make it.

The energy was at its highest when the time had come to tie the thali. Wow! There were so many people standing around them and cheering them like it was a wrestling match.

The most awesome part was when everybody blessed the act by throwing the petals and akshathe at them. Wow! That was a sight to see. Never seen such a beautiful scene before. The petals kept falling for almost 30 seconds. (I spent an hour the next day cleaning of the akshathe that was stuck under the keys of the keyboard of my laptop that was kept there to encode the live stream.)

The wedding got over by 3.00pm. It was a lot of fun and was a great experience working on this assignment.

And like we always do after every assignment, Pia and I headed to the nearest McD to celebrate.

Worked on a teaser video in the night because I was sure people would be waiting to get a glimpse at all the events that happened that day. As you can see the pace at which the things were happening I had to match the audio as well. It was fun making the teaser. Though it was really difficult to   shortlist the videos for the teaser. Hope you enjoyed watching it.

Smitha and Sathwick, Congratulations to the both of you. Hope you have an awesome time in Bhutan.

Thanks for choosing CuspConcepts!


You can watch it in HD here http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=471056602336

– Phalgun

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  • Monish

    Awesome yet again, loved the editing and the background score…peppy, racy yet traditional…all in all :)

  • Bhavya

    Happy married life to both Sath and Smita.
    And the teaser is very well shot. I enjoyed watching it.Especially ‘male hokodanna’!

  • V

    nice video. i feel music should have been indian classical and played with slow movement

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