15. Engagement Shoot

15. Engagement Shoot

The Engagement was one of a kind assignment for us. 

First there was a formal Engagement ceremony at the Sri Maruthi Hanuman Temple behind Le Meridien and right next to Bangalore's NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art). This temple is really beautiful, very calm and peaceful considering the fact that it's in the center of a very busy locality. 

I really liked the whole ceremony, was simple, at a temple which they visited often, the rituals were concise and in overall it was just perfect! 

The whole pathway to the temple was lit with small LED lights. Was very 'Bokeh-licious'!

The gathering was just close family and friends. Each and everyone smiling throughout the ceremony. Everybody were in the most colourful attire. It was really a wonderful sight esp. for the photographer. 

We got some great shots and had to prepare for the next leg of the assignment. The Engagement party was hosted at a very posh location. 

The venue was decorated with attention to a lot of detail; I think the theme was to make it 'extremely romantic'. It was really difficult to choose between the beautiful people and other beautiful things as subjects for photography. 

Once all the guests arrived for the night, the awesome party started! 

First, the couple danced together to one of their favorite songs. 

And then We Got a feelin' that tonight's gonna be a Good night!  :D

It was time for me and Pia to pack up and leave for the night. We had a fantastic time! :D

Congratulations to the both of them! And all I can say is that there are Good times ahead! 

– Phalgun


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    Some are great as usual, but few seem to be average…

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