13. Shilpa and Satish – D’day!

13. Shilpa and Satish – D’day!

We were meeting Shilpa and Satish on Sunday to capture their wedding after the awesome fun that we had at Golden Palms Resort. 

We left our studio pretty early with all the equipment and headed to RT Nagar. The wedding was at Taralabalu Kendra. (RT Nagar has developed so much from the last time I went there.) 

I dropped Pia at the parlour ('Green Trends' with Green interiors) where Shilpa was getting ready and I went directly to the hall. I had some time at hand.

Man! I thoroughly enjoyed the light. It was just too mesmerising. I couldn't help but shoot some pictures that could go on to my own flickr page. :D

People who know me know how much I love Bangalore. I just LOVE Bangalore! (Just in case)

While I was scouting around the wedding hall, Pia was getting some very cool shots of Shilpa getting ready. It's always fun to check out the pictures that each one of us have clicked at the end of the day while uploading them to the computer. Get to see a whole new perspective of that eventful day. 

Like any typical mallu wedding, this one lasted for exactly 10mins as well. Till now majority of the weddings we have captured are all love marriages. It is so much fun, the couple know each other and that love can be seen in the pictures. Just makes us so happy. :D

The architecture of that place and the play of light and shadow was brilliant. So we stole them away for a few minutes and got some great shots. 

The reception was starting almost immediately, so they ran back to their room and got ready for Round #2.

The reception was fun as well. Both their parents were very sweet.

We made their friends do some fun stuff and the couple were kinda surprised and super embarrassed every time. :D 

We had a fantastic time shooting. Sandeep had captured some great shots on video as well. 

The day ended with some lovely shots of both of them.

We had a quick bite at the nearest KFC and zipped back home. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures. :)

– Phalgun

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