11. Sruthi and Arun

11. Sruthi and Arun

Sruthi and Arun's Reception Party was one of a kind assignment for us.

It was a Reception party designed/architected by Sruthi's best friend 'Khushboo Gupta'; who did a fabulous job with the decoration, light design and how could we forget, choice of the venue. The party was at the club house nestled somewhere inside Prestige Ozone in Whitefield.

The first expression from Pia and me as we walked into the club house and got the first glimpse of the decoration was something on the lines of "WHOA!" followed by "Holy @#$%" and then ended with "AWESOME!" You can see it for yourself. 

The venue was an open lawn just in front of the pool and the Angsana SPA.

I think the overall colour theme was White and Gold. Looked Great! 

I fell in love with the whole place in a split-second. :)

Khushboo (the wedding planner) and her team were extremely helpful. Thanks Khushboo for making the place look so beautiful from a photographer's point-of-view.

The challenge for us was the lighting, it's outdoors, no roof to bounce the light off, contrasty light everywhere. Well, had done enough research before hand, which helped immensely. As you already know, we employ non-traditional ways of doing things. So this time we lit the subject/s with just one strobe light. Here is a little reasoning on why we used just one light, we are so used to one source of light, like the sun, the moon, etc. the light and shadows from one source of light is so natural. Also another benefit is that we don't block the audience's view with loads of lights and their stands. The best thing about using strobe lights in people portrait photography is that they don't emit heat waves like how other constant lights do and make it crazy hot for the couple and others standing around it. Also, if done right, it'll give a nice soft/diffused light which is perfect for portraits. Ok, I think I should stop with the gyaan here. :) 

Here is the view of the entrance. Fancy huh!

 The Stage.

I loved the backdrop. I get attracted to shiny mirrors like a firefly. 

The seating arrangements for friends and family.

 There was a really fancy pool next to the venue. I wish Prestige guys had lit it better, should take some hints from Golden Palms Resort.

Both Sruthi and Arun are very photogenic. Sruthi was smiling non-stop. We love it when the pretty bride is happy and thrilled. Love to capture that!

It was great to talk to Arun who is an Entrepreneur, owns a very cool Tech business. I think we will be meeting again to discuss a few things over some drinks.

It was awesome fun taking pictures of Arun and Sruthi with their best friends.

Here is one of Pia's trademark shot. It looks brilliant!

Here is a picture of Sruthi with Khushboo. The effort put in by Khushboo for the party just shows the strength of their bond. 

Man! Don't they make a wonderful pair! 

It was our pleasure capturing your reception party. As I already mentioned, it WAS one of a kind experience!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts guys! :)

Hope you liked the pictures. 

– Phalgun

4 Responses to 11. Sruthi and Arun
  • Felix

    wat a piece of photography!kudos..:)
    really impressed.
    the last one is the bestest of all

  • Sruthi

    Phalgun & Pia,
    I was so impressed with the photos.They were just Fantabulous.Dint know i could look so pretty ;)All thanks to ur photography :)
    I uploaded the pics and my profile was flooded with all praises for ur pics.This is wat ppl had to say:
    Pics are so natural,
    He s captured the feelings perfectly,
    lovely pix..
    and many more…

    And the best thing i liked about your work was what you told me “Ignore the camera” :)..

    If i continue writing… this space wud run short …not just telling but i mean it..

    Thanks a ton :) :)

  • Ramani Chandra .M

    Its really great Sruthi…:)

  • Mahadev

    Couldn’t have been better. Wish there were more snaps. For once, I also wondered how nicely the snap was executed in addition to wondering “Is she really so pretty?” :) Lovely couple. As they approach their 1st anniversary, here’s wishing them many more happy returns. Rock on!

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