18. Prathibha and Abhijin

18. Prathibha and Abhijin

Capturing Prathibha and Abhijin's wedding was one of a kind experience for us. First, the wedding was at the most un-conventional places; it was at Shankaraa Arts Foundation on Kanakpura road. Second, the no. of people who attended the wedding and thirdly the way the decoration was done. I was a little breathless. 

Shankaraa Arts Foundation was founded by a very famous Indian Classical dancer RashmeHegde. 

Prathibha is a very creative graphic designer. Check out her blog. You can see her inputs all over the place as well. End of the day, it was a photographer's paradise. :)

Now, take a look at the venue.  

This was on either side of  the mantap. Very intricate and artistic. I just love patterns and esp. squares.

Since I had some time for myself before the bride and groom arrived at the venue. I went around clicking some pictures. There was this place where they had stored the props that they would use as part of a dance performance, there were loads of interesting props. I'd love to go back to this place once again. Found these doors leaning against a yellow wall very interesting, loved it.

Pia was with Prathibha capturing some fantastic shots. 

Check out the princess and the prince's profile as part of the mehendi. Wow! 

Also, notice the fancy ring, in the shape of the alphabet 'U', this ring was apparently handed down to her by her mother. 

In my opinion, these are one of the best 'getting ready' pictures that Pia has taken till date.

This one is my favorite! A Silhouette!

Abhijin arrived first at the venue. It was awesome the way they welcomed him. There were 4 guys who played the trumpet like in the movies showcasing the life of a king. Cool!

After sometime, the bride arrived. Again the trumpets roared loudly. And everybody ran to the entrance. 

The rituals started off almost immediately. It was a Mangalorean style hindu wedding. Very interesting. This one was kind of customised for this couple. 

Prathibha's brother was making sure that everything was going smoothly. With a very cool 'peta'. Looking good dude!

I always wondered what thoughts would be running inside a bride's head just before her to-be husband ties the knot. Interesting facial expressions here. 

Pee pee pee dum dum dum

One last round around the fire and they are officially married. Tada!

Got some casual shots of them in the beautiful light.

We left the venue to watch the India vs England World Cup Match. Tendulkar was belting like there's no-tomorrow, was awesome. Finished watching the Indian innings and we started driving back to the venue, this time to shoot the reception party. Actually, the shortest reception party in the history of weddings. It was a very smart idea, really appreciate it guys!

We just kept the video camera rolling while the guests wished the couple and kept moving. Awesome! 

People! Take a look at the Reception venue. It was perfect weather. Smitha had done a fabulous job. We had looked at the place before we left in the afternoon and when we came back it was breath-takingly beautiful! That too in just a couple of hours.

There were flowers floating in the water that was flowing around the stage. There were a line of candles all around the pool. The seating area looked beautiful as well, with mattresses and round pillows for hand rests. So cool. Was designed for royalty. 

After all the guests had wished the couple, we got some super fun shots of both of them with their family and friends.

Loved this shot of the couple, they are so made for each other!

The Dudes!


Here is a shot of Prathibha's girl friends. Super Photogenic bunch! (At this point of time, England had to hit 50 Runs in 28 balls, can India win?!)

And here is a picture of Smitha (forgive me if I've spelt your name wrong). The person/mind responsible for making that place so beautiful.

Kudos to her for the creativity, project management skills and people skills. I hope I get to work with her once more.

We had a great time capturing the wedding.

Congratulations to you both! I bet you'll have a wonderful life together.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Note: The World Cup match of India vs England ended in a 'Tie'. Yup! A TIE! Ended in a 'holy-matrimony' of sorts! :P

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    Awesome Pics!!! especially the ones titled “The dudes” & “Shot of the couple”. Congratzzz & Happy Married Life. Cheers

  • sonia

    awesome pics…..

  • Kadambari

    I had done her mehendi .. good to see all her pics here …. She is one of my most unforgettable brides .. she is beautiful and very very sweet…….. Very well captured…

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