17. Swetha and Mohan | Part Deux

17. Swetha and Mohan | Part Deux

We had a great fantastic AWESOME time capturing Swetha and Mohan's wedding at Jayanagar. We had an even better time capturing their Christian wedding at the Holy Ghost Church in Richards Town, Bangalore.

I have no words to describe the architecture of the church, I was so intrigued by it that I hardly spoke much during the wedding and was just taking pictures from the minute I landed there.

It was huge, I mean HUGE! The roof was atleast 150ft high, tall glass windows with green tinted glass, light streaming in through the windows and the wooden benches casting beautiful shadows on the aisle. The altar was breathtaking, so big and high with a huge cross on the wall. The interiors were reverberating the carols sung by a joyful bunch of elderly people. Wow! I could spend days there just looking at the magical dance of the light and shadow.

Christian Weddings are so methodical, quiet, clean and disciplined.

There were so many pretty things all around, but what caught my eye was this. The fancy wine, looks so red and yummm!

As I already mentioned, everything was so beautiful, but I stopped in my tracks when I saw this frame. So beautiful. I just love white lilies. (Very fond of them from when I did a time lapse video of a Lily blooming.)

While I was having fun taking pictures at the church (usually, Pia has more fun during this time of the wedding, because she gets to shoot the make up shots of the beautiful bride and I scout around the venue planning our shots for the day).

As usual Pia got some fabulous shots of the bride. Pia, you Rock at this!

Mohan had arrived there before the bride. So I had an opportunity to get some casual shots of him and his attire for the big day!

And then suddenly, everybody took their places (as suggested in their rehearsal). Mohan stood facing the altar. And then the choir started singing a very familiar song. 'Ta taa ta daa, ta taa ta daa – Here comes the Bride'. I was very excited too, it reminded me of a scene from 'Father of the Bride' (Yup! Love that movie esp. after watching it for more than 100 times forcibly by my wife, Shwetha)

The flower girls and the ring bearer walked in the front, followed by the bridesmaids and bestmen. And then everybody stood up for the best part; the dad who was walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle, the bride to be. At this time, Mohan didn't turn even once to have a sneak peek. Sandeep has captured this moment wonderfully, the anxiety on Mohan's face is something every groom goes through during a wedding; something you'd remember all your life.


The priests had taken their places in the altar. The interesting thing was that the priest gave a wonderful speech about Swami Vivekananda. The prayers started and we quietly carried on with our work. 

We were very fascinated with the red fiery light like glow around the cross. 

It was a Roman Catholic wedding. As soon as Swetha and Mohan exchanged their vows and rings, Mohan gave a huge sigh of relief. 

And they couldn't stop looking at each other and smile. You could make out that it was a big deal to have come so far. 

And finally they were pronounced as 'Husband' and 'Wife'!

Now, the fun part started. We took them away for 5 mins for a few casual shots. The background, the light and the couple were fantastic. We loved these shots.

Immediately after this, they had to rush to another hall where everybody were waiting for them to cut the cake. 

Nanditha had put together a wonderful slideshow of pictures. It was a walk down the memory lane. Swetha was busy explaining when and where each picture was taken to Mohan. 

Next was the Reception party. The venue was 'White Petals' in Palace Grounds. Kudos to Swetha, Nanditha and their mom for the attention to detail. Amazing! 

Here is a 180 degree panorama shot to get an idea of the setting.

As you can see, the whole place had a million varieties of lights. Yup! By now you would've guessed what we were upto. :D

Pia had shot some beautiful patterns of the lights. 

And then the beautiful newly weds arrived! In a Super sexy Beemer! 

Got a lovely shot of Swetha and Nanditha on the peacock sofa.

You could easily see how popular the couple were. People of all age groups, young and old wanted to see them. 

And guess what, there were fireworks. Yes! Awesome huh! At a wedding, what a cool idea. :D

People here knew how to have fun! There was a full on party! The DJ was brilliant! He played some kick-ass numbers.

The day ended well. Totally enjoyed capturing; first the christian wedding and then the reception party. What a Day! :D 

Thanks guys for choosing CuspConcepts!

Congratulations again!

– Phalgun  

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  • Monish

    Nice collection… cool set.

  • Debbie McGhee

    Rachael and Mohan … I’m speechless … what beautiful pictures and memories for a lifetime.
    Happiness always !

  • Kalpana

    Mohan & Shweta ,
    Many many congratulations….
    Wish you both a great future ahead….
    Pics are awesome !!!!


  • Kiran Padiyar

    awesome pics!.. Wish you very happy married life .

  • Raja

    Hi Shweta and Mohan, pictures are awesome. Wish u very happy married life :)


  • Swetha

    Thank you Phalgun for capturing such wonderful pictures of our wedding. I look at all the pictures often, and the albums are very good. I see it at least once daily. I love some of the casual pictures you have captured at my place.
    The video too is great. I love the interview.. no words to describe it..

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