16. Swetha and Mohan

16. Swetha and Mohan

Mohan and Swetha are so made for each other. Well, here is one example; today during the wedding, Mohan and Swetha were sitting opposite to each other, a ritual where their relatives would take turns at pouring milk onto a coconut that both of them were holding; they were lost in their own world. They were in a deep conversation, giggling and smiling at each other while the relatives came, poured the milk, blessed them and the process repeated. Yup, they are very much in love. I'm so glad that we shot this wedding. And the best part is this is just part 1 of a 4 part shoot. :D

The wedding was at the 'Kodandramaswamy Temple' in Jayanagar. Beautiful temple esp. at 6.30am in the morning. 

Swetha was looking like a beautiful Hindu bride. Perfect!

We got some great shots of the couple, thanks to the beautiful light because of the cloudy weather.

And Mohan looked like a clone of Sir M. Visvesvarayya (The mind behind the Krishna Raja Sagar dam commonly known as KRS in Mysore, check him out here ) :)

While Mohan was busy getting ready for his Kasi Yatra, got an opportunity to capture some wonderful pictures of Swetha with her sister and mom. 

Mohan's Kasi yatra was fun. 

This picture was taken when Mohan's sister was escorting him to the place where the Kasi yatra is performed.

Both Pia and me were super thrilled to see the pattern on the floor, right underneath Mohan's feet. Wow, Loved it!

As soon as the Kasi yatra was done, according to the Hindu tradition, the groom is made to stand on one side of a cloth that is held by his uncles to block him from seeing the bride. This is a fun ritual. What's interesting is that every caste has a different version of what has to be done when the cloth is lowered. So sometimes you'll see a very systematic procedure of the groom placing some leaves on the bride's head and sometime you see a 'Petrified' groom/bride, because they chuck the stuff at each other and the person who does it first (or petrifies the other person first) wins!

Here, I managed to capture a lovely candid moment of both of them having fun! Loved the expressions on everybody's face. 

And then came the most awaited tying of the Thali. 

I was super thrilled to have captured this picture by complete 'fluke'. The petals in mid-air and just Mohan and Swetha in focus. Wow! Love this picture.  :)

The next ritual is what I had mentioned in the starting of this post. This picture was another 'fluke' where I think I turned the zoom on the lens when the camera was clicked. I like it!

A part of the Hindu wedding rituals, the priest takes the bride and the groom outside to show the 'Arundathi Star' (Fact: Arundathi is the patron diety of marraige). But obviously it is not visible at noon. I instantly opened 'Google Sky Maps' on my phone and pointed at the sky in the direction of the star. And after some searching on the internet, I now have enough information to write another blog post just on this. Well if I had to put it in one line, the Arundathi star is one of the brightest stars in the Big Dipper constellation and it's English name is 'Alcor' its a magnitude 4 star. And Yes, the Big Dipper is also famous for another popular star 'Polaris' (The Pole Star).

But here we were having a nice laugh at Swetha and Mohan's expense. Cracking sad jokes like, 'ooooh! look at that beautiful coconut' or 'Is that a bird? or a Plane? or a Shooting Star….no it's Superman!' :P

And finally, they were married!

Congratulations guys! You both make a wonderful couple.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :)

– Phalgun

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  • Shylendra kumar

    Hey Palgun,

    Im Mohan’s cousin whom uv seen me in the wedding with small camera.
    its really a great work from both of u and clarity is amazing. happy to c my brother’s pics on ur website.



  • Mohan and Swetha

    Phalgun and Pia.. The pictures are great.. Can’t wait to see all of them.. You have done a very good job, capturing all the right moments and the details written for each picture is good…

  • Debbie McGhee

    Mohan & Swetha …..beautiful, beautiful couple !!

    Congratulations to both of you.


  • Purnendu

    Heartiest Congratulations to both of You.You look great couple.All the very best.

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