Pia Kaul – Behind the scenes | A series

Pia Kaul – Behind the scenes | A series

I've been waiting to write this post for a long time. 

Now that Pia is on a holiday for a couple of months in New York with her fiance, I thought this is the right time to write this post and still be alive. (*Evil laugh*)

I take a lot of (either sadistic or cruel or both) pleasure to share some of the pictures I found in the archives of Pia while she works. 

And by the end of this post you'd know why I was dying to share these pictures. :D

Pia is a very creative photographer, she works hard or rather very hard to get the right pictures. She is very creative with her expressions as well; coz I have no idea what any of these expressions mean. Here goes.

Me: "No Pia, you can't make funny faces at the client to make them laugh."

Client: "So did you like the food that was served?"

The best way to shoot wildlife according to Pia: "WAIT, Stop right there in your tracks, Doooon't move, not even a muscle, I'm still focusing, focusing …. Click!"

Me: "Pia! PIA! Yo Pia! Ok, no worries, I was just trying to shoot, no no, go right ahead, stand in my way. Grrrrrr!"

Pia: (Oooh, Interesting……)

Me: "Uh! Pia! I think you can get off that chair now. Take your time. I guess you are enjoying the view from up there."

What is it with photographers and tiny lights/flowers. As soon as they see one, they are wide eyed and move towards it like a fly. (Readers, this includes me as well)

I better stop here before I get death threats. Have a good vacation Pia!

This was fun. I think we should make it a point to collect such images throughout the year. Hmmmm. Esp. of my team-mates. (*Evil Laugh* again)

– Phalgun

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  • Remya Paul

    Good one Phalgu..
    Im waiting for Pia to put pics like this of you..
    Buuaahaha(evil laugh) ;)

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