CuspConcepts – Behind the Scenes

CuspConcepts – Behind the Scenes

Recently, I had a casual chat with a very enthusiastic photographer who has taken the initiative to interview and document the inspiration and creative insight of various photographers from different genres.

This, in retrospect, gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate the objective of CuspConcepts.

What a fantastic initiative to know the photographer better. I was so happy to answer all the questions because most of them were the same questions I'd asked myself while setting up CuspConcepts.

Do checkout the other interviews on the site as well. Very inspiring! 

Thank you Anees (from AntzFx) for featuring CuspConcepts. Totally Appreciate it Dude! :D

You can find the interview here. (Click on the image or the link below)

Check it out and tell us what you think! 

– Phalgun

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  • Vinitha Pai

    You need to start taking full fledged classes on Photography! You rock at explaining things! :)

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