19. Swathi and Vijay | Outdoor Shoot

19. Swathi and Vijay | Outdoor Shoot

Swathi and Vijay's outdoor shoot was at our favorite place, Eagleton Golf Resort. 

I had not met either of them before and most of our interaction was by email or phone. 

Very rarely you come across a bunch of strangers who become instant buddies. Well, they were one of them. 

Swathi and Vijay's love story is an inspiration for all the people who believe in arranged marriages. They met each other just 2 months back and fell in love at first sight. It's fascinating, you can see it for yourself. 

Vijay is a 'myraid of expressions', shows like a million expressions per minute while Swathi is very composed and always smiling. Yes! Both of them are always smiling. It's extremely easy for us to get lovely pictures of them. 

When we reached Eagleton Resort, it was very sunny but we knew that it would rain pretty heavily in the evening (because it rained like crazy the whole week). And as the trend goes, it has rained everytime we had been to this resort. So we were prepared. 

They were super excited about the whole outdoor shoot, Swathi was the creative mind behind choosing the costumes/clothes for the day and honestly, I think she did a great job at choosing the colors.

We found some lovely light and paused there for a couple of shots. It was pretty hot so we sat under the tree for sometime. We spoke a lot, rather we chatted non-stop.

We clicked pictures where ever we found shade, like this one, inside a swimming pool. 

  I had to put this picture, Radha clicked this when Vijay was waiting for Swathi to join him on the bridge. 

We then headed over to the driving range, where you get to wack the ball as hard as you can with a fancy golf club (6 Iron). It was awesome fun!

While we were playing, these guys were getting all mushy. 

The clouds turned darker and darker, we heard thunder; so we ran back to the hotel. And it started to pour. It was beautiful. 

 We had some refreshing watermelon juice. While Swathi and Vijay were off to change into another set of clothes, we were taking pictures of their rings.

When they came back, guess what, it was still raining!

 So we ran inside an empty restaurant. It gave me an opportunity to use the window light to the fullest! Hee!

Something about the light, the mood, the setting, I just fell in love with it. 

The rain stopped and made way for the golden light. We were done for the day and were heading back, just when we saw this beautiful light of the sun setting in the horizon. 

It was one awesome day, with the bright sun, loads of greenery, good food, nice drive, heavy rain, beautiful sunset and to top it all, a full rainbow! Wow! Perfect!

We had a lot of fun shooting the outdoor session with this fun couple, already looking forward to capturing their wedding with all the festivities. 

Now, do they look like people who met a couple of months back? No way! 

Congratulations on your engagement guys! 

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts!

Hope you liked the pictures.

Author: Phalgun

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4 Responses to 19. Swathi and Vijay | Outdoor Shoot
  • Krishnakumar RT

    Folks, all the very best for a wonderful married life ahead! Lovely photography and nice idea to get yourself framed..you know you hardly get time to give the right expressions on stage or at the time of your marriage !:)

  • Meera

    Excellent Photography

  • Sangeetha

    Oh my….AWESOME is always the word with Phalgun’s work! Proved it again!!

    You guys make a lovely couple!

    Happy Engagement!!

  • Ganesh Pokuri

    Such a wonderful compostion of shots, Nicely taken….

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