24. Navya and Ashwath | Outdoor Shoot

24. Navya and Ashwath | Outdoor Shoot

Navya and Ashwath agreed to do an outdoor shoot. Since they live very close to Golden Palms Resort and SPA, we decided to do the shoot there.

It was great to see both of them so relaxed and well rested compared to the last time I saw them (at their wedding, haunted by the other photographers).

We had a fantastic lunch and started shooting.

The super hilarious thing is that Navya holds Ashwath's tummy when she is around him. This was one such example. :)  

Found this bush with yellow flowers, loads of them. It was the perfect backdrop to match Navya's dress.

I always wanted to shoot a couple by making them stand inside these tall arch like towers (I don't know what's their purpose) but I loved the final outcome. Gradients of white and then the couple. 

There you go, 'hand on the tummy' shot #2! 

I managed to click this candid moment when they were sitting on a bench while I had to answer a call from my client. 

Had to click this picture of the Purple Hanging Hand Bag. This accompanied us everywhere we went. 

The best part about these outdoor shoots is that the couple feel so comfortable and get all cozy. Tried capturing one such moment. 

Anybody who has been to Golden Palms would be familiar with these steps (the ones which you have to climb many times because it's mid-way between the rooms and the pool and the restaurants.)

Thought this was a very cute picture. Love birds!

There were these really small yellow flowers all over the place.

I realised that I had not given any attention to poor Ashwath so took a couple of individual portraits. :)

For the next change of clothes we decided to go to my FAVORITE place. The grassland near Nrityagram in Hessaraghatta. I just love this picture, the trees, the couple, the hand holding. Sigh! Dreamy isn't it!

The weather was beautiful, we could hear the thunder and the rain clouds started blocking the sun, this was the last shot from the shoot. 

We had a lot of fun. A very eventful day.

I'm very happy and proud of these pictures.

Hope you like them.

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  • Prathap

    Excellent Pictures!!

  • VJ

    The Second Last one..indeed the Dream…:)..Camera’s in right Hand:)

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