22. Navya and Ashwath

22. Navya and Ashwath

Navya and Ashwath's wedding is another 'Love Story' that we have captured.

I've been interacting with Ashwath for a long time. He is a major gadget freak. He owns one of those fancy 'Bose' Home theatres. He is my new 'Best Friend'! :D

Ok, coming back to the post. Their wedding was not in the center of Bangalore but on the out-skirts, near Jalahalli Cross on Tumkur road. I loved the drive to this place.

The wedding was really simple and perfect.

As soon as we saw the lovely colors all around we knew it's gonna be a very colorful wedding.

Navya and Ashwath have known each other for 8 long years. You can see the connection between them in the pictures below.

At first Navya was a bit nervous, like a typical bride would be. But once Ashwath was near, she was back to being herself.

Navya and Ashwath looked great in their wedding and reception attire. 

We had to work around other traditional photographers and videographers. They were a 10 member team, I didn't want to mess with them. They were very nice, you know why,. I introduced CuspConcepts as a studio which does 'Documentaries', well it wasn't a lie; coming to think of it, we do shoot a wedding like a documentary. Something one could look at 5yrs down and re-discover their wedding day. 

To start the photo set, these were the colours all around the hall. 

Pia is back! And there you go, a beautiful picture of the bridal jewelry. 

Looks like these guys had fun in the dressing room. 

I was with Ashwath taking pictures and video. It's been a long time since I saw grooms in a non-black suit. And he looked great! 

We finally got them for ourselves (had to fight with tripods to get them away from their parents and the other photographers) 

I wanted to always try this, basically (if you understand professional lighting) to get this shot, you would need a rim light, a fill light and a reflector. But surprisingly, I got this shot with just one Flash (triggered wirelessly) kept behind the couple, Yeah! Behind the couple, how did I get this light? Accidentally, well there were these pillars and a wall with tiles till the roof, they reflected the light big time. I kind of like the final result though. Nice and diffused light. Thanks to Navya and Ashwath for being patient while I was experimenting for this shot. That's the best part of shooting couples who are in love, they are always "pre-occupied" – pun intended!

The next day was the wedding. This time we had Sindhu Sarathy as part of the team. She is mostly a travel photographer who shoots people portraits across the country/world. 

We reached the venue and we see the dude in his white shorts!?!

And then in the open, he was suddenly swarmed by his relatives and friends who helped him get ready. It was really fascinating, he just stood there and first they put the dhoti, then the shirt, the nama, the 'peta' and then perfume/cologne. Reminded me of a 'Pitstop in a Formula 1 Race', Amazing! 

And guess what?! It was the same with the bride too. I was surprised to see similar pictures on Sindhu's camera. :D 

Got some individual shots in their wedding attire. They look so happy! :)

Something crazy happened while Ashwath was welcomed by all the relatives. At one point of time everybody blessed him with wheat and suddenly one guy comes with a 15" plate with a lot of wheat grains and chucked it at Ashwath! Man! Pia, awesome capture. I bet that guy was in a lot of trouble after the wedding.

These are my favorite shots of Ashwath tying the Thali. The yellow haze towards the right is the blurred out yellow akshathe that were swung at the couple. Beautiful effect. 

Noticed that Navya's mom was in tears. Wonder what must be going through her mind. Sensitive stuff! 

The wedding was very short and sweet. It ended with the couple pointing at the Arundathi star, (You'd be familar with this star If you've read Swetha and Mohan's Hindu wedding post on our site) 

I thought this was a very cute picture. 

You can watch their wedding highlights video. 

It was fun capturing this wedding. And I'm happy that we are shooting more and more Love marriages. 

Congratulations Navya and Ashwath! Wish you all the best. 

Hope  you liked the pictures and the video. 

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