20. Parinitha and Harsha | Outdoor shoot

20. Parinitha and Harsha | Outdoor shoot

We had a Fan-(wait for it)-tastic time during Parinitha and Harsha's casual outdoor shoot. It was a lot of fun! 

Both me and Shwetha felt like we knew them for eons. 

We love to take pictures of couples in love! These guys just love each other, they cling on to each other given the slightest chance. Very cute! 

This time the outdoor shoot was at Angsana Resort. I was skeptical at first, it was our first visit to this place; but I have to tell you all, that the place is awesome! We all fell in love with that place. 

Also, this time it was just me and Shwetha who were clicking; I love to shoot along with her! :D

First we had an amazing lunch at one of the restaurants. The food was amazing! Unfortunately I had to mostly eat only 'Mosaranna' (Curd rice) as prescribed by my wife. See, I'm just recovering from a bad gastro-episode.

The day was a bit cloudy, which was perfect, diffused light, awesome! 

Shwetha and I scouted around that place while Parinitha and Harsha went to change into their costumes for the first part of the shoot. Angsana resort has a big swimming pool in the middle; and there is this path which goes all around. It's sheltered and all you see is greenery and flowers. 

You'll find out pretty soon why we enjoyed taking pictures of this couple. 

Parinitha's (Anarkhali – Ladies, forgive me if I'm wrong) dress was perfect for the location.  

Her dress went perfectly with the Bougainvillea flowers. That place was surrounded with them. Love this picture which Shwetha clicked.

There were so many of these white flowers too.

I didn't want to dissappoint Harsha so took one picture of him too with the flowers fallen on the ground as a backdrop.

Both of them have great smiles. Harsha discovered that he actually has a small dimple during the shoot.

The wonderful thing about these outdoor shoots is that the couple is so relaxed and it's very cute to see them hold hands and walk together.

Absolutely love the pictures which are coming next.

At one point of time me and Shwetha caught each other shooting each other! 

While they were changing into the next set of clothes, we took some pictures of their rings. I loved this one.

It was extremely easy to take pictures of such a happy couple. Just look at them! (Good job Shwetha!)

It was very beautiful even outside the resort. Got some lovely shots.

Something about this picture, it is very real! Just look at it for a couple of seconds, you'll know what I mean.

Hee! Hope you didn't get spooked by that one. Always wanted to do something like this.

Hope you liked the pictures guys.

Congratulations on finding each other and I'm already looking forward to your wedding! 

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts! 

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  • Sandhya


  • Shwetha

    Luvd u in the white top :) !!! awesome

  • Prashanth

    Awesome Job

  • Lavanya Mothilal

    Nice pics.. Lookin forward for ur wedding photos :-)

  • kashi Subramanyam

    Phalgun I was watching you during marriage. Being a prof. photographer I was worried you were not covering the regular events on the stage as i was doing, But I say hats off to your way of working and compositions. Great job phalgun, Like to work with you.


  • adithi

    All the pics were lovely! Awesome photography!

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