25. Soumya and Aditya | Engagement Shoot

25. Soumya and Aditya | Engagement Shoot

Soumya and Aditya met a few years back and are severly in love! 

Their engagement was at Ganjam Mantap on Bull Temple Road. 

I always wanted to shoot at this place. It's an adorable place to have an engagement or a wedding. We had so much of ambient light, loved it! 

The two families are one of the most hyper energetic families I've seen in a long time. There were people laughing, punching fists, high-fives, whistles, claps everywhere. So much of positive energy! We had a lot of fun.

Aditya is a graduate from the super premier B-school 'ISB' and works in his own company. Very down to earth. 

Soumya is one extremely sweet person. When we arrived at the mantap, she was standing there with a big smile and I liked the way she introduced herself to the team. She is very camera shy but otherwise just the opposite. Her students at the dental college where she teaches must be really thrilled to have her as a teacher. That day, Soumya and her friends were on fire; cracking really bad PJs and laughing to themselves! Full of life! 

Look at the pictures of the mantap and you'll know why I was so thrilled to shoot here. 

The team consisted of Sandeep aka 'Hero' with the HD camcorder, me with my favorite 50mm lens and Raghu who was the second shooter for the day. These dudes are super fun to work with! :)

While we were waiting for Aditya and his family to arrive, we went around checking out this place. 

Soumya's Granny (Awwa) was reading this cute little book with mantras written in Telugu in the middle of all the chaos, completely ignoring it.

This was the most fascinating thing that day! Loved the idea. They gave a potted plant in the tambula instead of the conventional way of giving a coconut. What a cool concept! :) I now have the lovely flower pot on my desk. 

After Aditya arrived along with his two brothers Varun and Akhil, they all got 'Iyengar-ed' (branded with the red nama).

Here is a picture of the Dudes! Love the light in this picture. 

Here is a picture of Soumya (all dressed up for round #1) with her girl-friends! (Sunitha – the second girl from the left is the 'cupid' who is the one responsible for Soumya and Aditya to find each other)

Soumya was really glowing. Here is a picture to prove.

Here is a picture of Aditya, doesn't he look excited! :)

Soumya! You have won 'The CuspConcepts Award for the Best Sashtanga Ever!". What dedication, what respect! Man! Amazing. :P

Once they changed into the clothes that they were gifted, the time had come to exchange the rings! 

I wonder what she meant with that look! Dude, watch out! :) 

Finally managed to steal them away, that's what I thought, though I pulled them away from the guests, there were again surrounded by so many of their friends pulling their leg 'Big Time'! 

I loved the 'katte' and the fancy mirror at the back. Had to plan my shot to avoid the reflections of all the people in the mirror.

Something about this picture. I just love it. Good shot Raghu! I guess this was shot when Aditya was scaring her by pretending to push her into the water. 

There are so many good memories from this shoot. Met so many lovely people. Hope to meet them again sometime.

Congratulations to the both of you! You make a lovely pair.

Hope you like the pictures.

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