29. Arthi and Sandeep | Teaser Video

29. Arthi and Sandeep | Teaser Video

Arthi and Sandeep's wedding was in Chennai. 

The first time Arthi called me, she set a benchmark for her expectations for the wedding video. Honestly we hadn't shot a wedding this way ever! I told her that we are confident that we can pull it off. 

They were so thrilled when I told them that we would provide them with a wedding website which was complimentary. I created the site, gave them the priveledges to add whatever content they want and Man! I was surprised with what they had done, all by themselves. Just check out arthisandeep.cuspconcepts.com 'wed'site. 

Arthi and Sandeep's wedding was our first assignment where we shot the whole wedding video with only HD-DSLRs. Also, was a very challenging one, simply because we had to sacrifice the convenience of 'Auto-focus' for shallow depth of field, agility, low-light capability and ease of post-processing. 

Sandeep and I planned out the whole strategy to cover the wedding, what equipment to use, lighting, etc.

I have to confess that now we are addicted to shooting video with HD-DSLRs. 

The wedding was in ManiMahal in Chennai. We had already shot a wedding there before. When we reached the place and met the family, it was a pleasant surprise that they speak telugu. Again, our first Telugu wedding. 

Both their families were extremely sweet. They took care of everything so calmly (atleast that's what I noticed). 

Arthi had hired us only for the wedding video. She had hired two very creative local boys from a small studio called "The Pebbles" (In tamil, 'Koozhaankarkal"), click here to check out their Facebook page. They were so joshed, they kept running, jumping, sliding, sleeping on the floor to get their shots and always smiling. They are former IT employees as well. Enjoyed working with them!

We shot both the Reception and the wedding. 

We are very happy with the output, its different, new and fresh. Check out the video and please leave your comments. 

Note: You can disable HD and watch it in SD if it is loading slowly. 

Arthi and Sandeep, you make a wonderful pair. Congratulations again! Hope you liked the video.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts! :)

Author: Phalgun

Creative Head | CuspConcepts | [email protected]


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  • Nithiya

    Nice work Phalgun , Happy to see the efforts you guys have put in shooting and editing the video . Its a delight to watch ;)

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