30. Nandita and Vinay

30. Nandita and Vinay

Nandita and Vinay are so perfect for each other, both of them are very creative. Vinay has his own company which is into creative advertising and Nandita is a very creative photographer. She has taken some amazing abstract pictures.

I met them a couple of weeks back and the converstation was more like I-want-you-to-capture-our-wedding-thank-you. I asked them their preferences and they said it should look 'natural'; and I knew we found a great match (we three :P)  I was sure this assignment would be fun! 

I have a policy of not taking more than 3 weddings in a month, but for this I had to make an exception and I'm glad I did. :)

We have a lot of friends/clients/relatives in common. Actually it was nice to know that they are somehow related to me. Their family was warm and always having fun. 

Both of them have extremely adorable sisters, always there to help them. 

I have to mention this, both of them are very very camera shy, it was very very difficult to get these pictures. They were so conscious and aware of what I was doing. So I tried to make it easy for them by pulling them out and taking them to a small park in their apartment complex. I think it really helped, because during the wedding their were cool. 

For this assignment along with me and Sandeep, I had Meghna, who was the second shooter. She studies in Chitrakala Parishad. Very creative. I want you to see what I'm talkin' about.

Here are some pictures from the Mehendi session. Vinay's mom had hosted this event. 

Something about this picture, I had to share it. :)

The Dude with the Super-long eyelashes. According to my friend/client Sathwick, it's apparently because of the dominating 'Y' chromosome. Whatever it is, I'm sure it was easy for him to get things done! :P

The dance floor was created almost instantly by pushing all the chairs aside. Yup, the party started! Full Ding-chick Ding-chick music!

Here is a picture of Bhavna (Nandita's sister), Nandita and Varsha (Vinay's sister).

Check the peacocks! So Cool!

Voila! Our trademark mehendi shot.

We got the taste of what we can expect at the wedding. We were all prepared for it.

The wedding was at 4.00am in the morning! Yes! Started early in the morning, some of us didn't even bother to sleep.

The wedding was at "Radha Krishna Kalyana Mantapa" in Basavangudi. Was always curious to know how it was inside everytime I drove to Gandhi Bazaar. Trust me, I was very impressed with the hall, very beautiful and airy.

While I was shooting the Kashiyatra, Meghna was capturing some 'getting ready' shots. I love the next few pictures! Good Stuff Meghna! 

Love this shot! Peek-a-boo. Checking if the coast was clear. :)

Here are some pictures of Vinay tying the Mangal-sutra. 

I love the blurry-light patterns at the back.

He is all set to tie the thali while Nandita was sitting on her dad's lap. (Cute ritual)

Look at Nandita's expression! Wow!

Look at Varsha imitating her brother! :P

Check this ritual, like how the priest in a Christian wedding says "Now you can kiss the bride…" in a Hindu wedding there is something similar; "Now you can sit on the bride-groom"! Why should Christians have all the fun?! 

The wedding got over by 9.00am. The Reception was in the evening at the same place.

I so wanted these two to get some sleep. They looked so fresh in the evening. Vinay was looking like a dude and Nandita was looking gorgeous! 

It was nice to see such a minimalistic approach to jewellery. Notice the 'bracelet' kinda thingy. She and her sister sported these, a different one everytime at all the events. Interesting style huh Ladies?! Very cool!

The next day I had to shoot a 'cocktail party' at the Bangalore Club. This was the first time I'd been there. Loved the place. Unfortunately it poured like crazy that evening. 

It was a small gathering, so I pulled them away from the crowd to get some casual shots. 

Was experimenting with the flash to get some interesting light and shadow. I liked these pictures a lot.

Art students would agree that this is a perfect example of 'ChiaroScuro' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiaroscuro) Basically, show the transitiion from Light to shadow, it is to achieve a sense of 3D.

I want to end this (very long) post with my favorite picture from this assignment. 

Nandita and Vinay! Congratulations! You make a kick-ass pair! :)

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts! Hope you like the pictures.

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  • Ashish

    too good !!!! Last one is awesome

  • Ruchi

    Black and white snaps are brilliant along with peek a boo shot of the bride.Awesome!!!

  • Swetha

    Congrats Nandita on your wedding. Have a wonderful married life.

  • Luis

    Very nice pictures, and a wonderful bride!

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