27. Prajna, Simon and one wild party

27. Prajna, Simon and one wild party

Prajna and Simon are such a fun loving and a wonderful couple. 

I met Prajna in Prathibha and Abhijin's wedding. When she called me to book us for her Reception Party, talking to her was like as if I was talking to a long lost friend of mine. Extremely sweet person. She has a very cool attitude, that's what you notice as soon as you meet her. 

At the Reception party, her younger (super joshed) brother Prajwal had planned it out with military timing which was something like this, 7.30pm Groom arrives … 8.05pm Introduction …. 8.15pm Prajna and Simon's dance … etc. Wow! I'm glad that he did that, Prajna was so relaxed, she didn't have to worry about anything. Perfect! That's what a photographer needs!

Simon is a super cool dude! He owns a Gaming Arcade in Mumbai, does web designing as well; and now he is big time into making music and DJ'ing. Some of his friends actually gifted him one of those Vinyl records … full 'Wiki Wiki Waaah' style. 

We had a fantastic time capturing the Reception Party. The lights, the music, the couple and the energy in the air! Awesome!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party, tried to showcase all that energy in pictures.

Honestly, Prajna was one of the most 'photogenic' brides I've ever shot! So, I wanted to try something new, I used a strobe light with a snoot to get some dramatic light. I always wanted to take a picture with high contrast shadow and light. 

Totally enjoyed taking these portraits; who wouldn't. Both of them love to be photographed! I bet Simon would agree that Prajna loves to be in front of the camera. 

I'm sure she didn't have a clue of what I was doing with that pointed light.  

Tada! The super cool couple!

(Notice the shadow under Prajna's nose which looks like a butterfly; hence called 'Butterfly lighting') 

I wanted to take pictures of their rings and guess what I noticed?! Cardioid curves … ok, in layman terms, notice the heart/plum shaped light reflection. That is the inspiration for the name 'CuspConcepts', the point where the two curves meet is called a 'Cusp'. Click here to read more. 

The couple dance started off with a big bang! (Literally) Four guys burst the confetti thingy. I like this picture because Prajna least expected it, she has closed her eyes, just like anyone of us would. For me, Confetti = CELEBRATION = PARTY! :)

Finally got a shot of Prajwal, it was like following a cheetah. He was running from point to point coordinating things and keeping up with his military schedule. Good stuff dude! Fantastic planning. 

I love this picture, you can see the upcoming 'Star'!  

There was a High Voltage dance perfomance on the dance floor! It was Kick-Ass! Had a tough time taking pictures because I was in the groove too. 

Almost all of the crowd was on the Dance floor. Loads of fun! Was thrilled to take these pictures. The colours from the disco lights and the intentional motion blur. Love it Love it Love it! :)

(For people who are curious to know how these pictures were taken; here is the hint: External Flash with First curtain setting and shutter speed set at 1"; commonly known as 'Slow sync Flash' or 'SL', you might've noticed this on your compact camera when you cycle through the flash settings)  

Here is a shot of Prajna and Simon dancing. Ain't it a contrast to the first picture of them dancing. :)

DJ Tyrone rocking the floor! All thanks to him for keeping the party alive! 

Prajna and Simon! Congratulations! It was one wild party!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts guys. Hope you like the pictures. 


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