26. Samanvitha and Pavan | Outdoor shoot

26. Samanvitha and Pavan | Outdoor shoot

I met Samanvitha (yes, I thought my name was complicated) at Soumya and Aditya's engagement just last Sunday. She was one of the more conserved people that day among Soumya's friends. 

She gave me a call the next day for an outdoor shoot with her husband Pavan. She was super excited about the whole concept and kept saying that she has no good pictures from her wedding to put on a wall and she really wanted this shoot. Well, I had to say yes! As some of you know, we don't take up more than 3 assignments in a month, but had to make an exception. And now, am I glad or am I GLAD! :)

Samanvitha and Pavan are married for almost 4 years now. (do they look like 4 years?) Extremely sweet people. They were neighbours when they were young.

We decided to do the outdoor shoot at Protima Bedi's Nrityagram in the morning. But since it opens only at 10am we decided to do a quick 'warm-up' shoot in the grasslands on the way to that place. 

To break the ice, I told them to take a walk; away from me, so they don't get overwhelmed by the cameras pointed at them. Samanvitha kept turning back and checking what I was doing (I bet she was thinking, "Dude! We drove all the way here for a stroll?!") 

Apparently, both of them are camera shy. Really? Look at these pictures! So, we spent the morning in lush green nature finding pockets of light and displaying their love.

Intelligent choice of colours Samanvitha! :)

I enjoy capturing such love and candid moments. 

People in Bangalore know how the weather was today morning, Man! It was drizzling when we left home and was extremely cloudy with light showers once in a while.

I have come to a conclusion based on the no. of assignments we have done. Women are allergic to rain. Yes! One drop and the umbrella comes out or cover the head with the dhuppatta, or run into the car. It was really cold, windy and drizzling today. 

Love this picture, looks like a movie poster! :)

I was explaining some photography funda to Pavan while I clicked this picture from the top, I kinda like it. 

This was Samanvitha's idea! (can you believe that they are camera shy?) 

Ain't they a 'Cute couple'! This was taken in Nrityagram (btw this is the first time we are doing an outdoor shoot here), definitely coming back here again.

Tried a 'close crop' in front of the Bougainvillea. Loved the nice diffused light.

The core concept behind an outdoor shoot is to focus only on the couple. No rituals, no crazy stiff costumes, no uncles and aunties to capture. But if a CUTE little 'CockerSpanial' comes along then I just have to shift my focus! 

Look at that muddu muddu doggy! It's name is 'Karma'. If you want to meet him/her/it, you know where to go. This picture is dedicated to my wife, to my friend Sudha Prabhakaran and Samanvitha who love animals!

The dog turned out to be 'camera shy' instead of the couple! (Finally, someone is) And ran away from me.

I always wanted to shoot a picture like this. The best part of candid photography is that you maintain some distance from the couple, give them some space and walk around to frame the picture. I loved this place, there were these arches and a katte, whatte place for a photo, me very happy! :D

These flowers turn as they fall to the ground, so beautiful to just watch them fall. Samanvitha looked very cool with this in her ear. Ole'

I don't know why they insisted to take a picture with me. I just realised that I'm the one who is 'camera shy'! :P

Thanks guys for choosing CuspConcepts! 

I had a fantastic time with you. Hope to meet you soon and here's wishing you a happy journey Pavan! :)

Hope you like the pictures!

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  • somashekar

    Nice pics..U guys lucky to get pics here..Now they are not letting for any kinda photoshoot

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