28. Shruthi and Babu

28. Shruthi and Babu

Shruthi and Babu's love story (Fantastic Illustration by her very creative friend)

I got the email with this invite at 1.45am in the night. People who know me know that I'm an 'insomniac'. I never ignore emails from clients. But this particular one was such a surprise. I loved the invite! I was so excited to capture their wedding. Trust me it was as fun as the invite! :) 

The wedding was at the 'Sri Tirumalagiri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Devasthanam' in JP Nagar, very close to the RV Dental college. I reached there before they arrived, so that I could check out the place and prepare for the light. I always love to shoot in a Temple set, simply because of the beautiful stone, texture, interesting structures; I was so happy to know that the mantap was open air! :D

We were blessed with a lot of natural light. 

Here are some pictures from the wedding. 

Anybody who has gone to Tirupathi temple would know that there are these fancy golden doors that you have to pass through.

I saw this place where all the agarbathis' are stuck, that dish was filled with the ashes of don't know how many bathis. The fragrance just reminds you that the place is divine.  

Rajendra Babu aka 'Babu' was welcomed by Shruthi's parents. There were smiles all around. 

Right after Babu's Upanayanam/thread ceremony, Shruthi arrived; escorted by her closest friend Rachana. She was so excited.  

Cool Hair do!

As soon as she arrived the whole place got lit up! I guess it was the morning sunlight. :P

I love to capture this particular ritual, the first interaction between the two. That's Vinay in the background, Shruthi's brother overlooking all the processes. 

Babu had to bend down quite a bit for Shruthi to reach his head. They say that if the groom stoops down during this ritual then he has given his wife the upper hand in all the descision making in his life. :P

Look at Shruthi! Cold feet? No way!

Here is a picture of them pointing at the Arundathi, it looks like both of them are looking at entirely different stars. :)

The wedding got over really quickly, a small gathering of close friends and family dispersed to get ready for the evening reception party. 

The Reception was at Samskruthi Convention Hall in Jayanagar. It's such a cute cozy place. I was really impressed with the rooms and the hall. 

Here are some getting ready shots of Shruthi.

A make up artist's artillery! Notice the heart in the sponge applying thingy, cool huh! :)

Fancy jewellery…

"Here are the boys" (Like how Cat Deeley in 'So You Think You Can Dance' would introduce the guys). A picture of Babu with his brothers. I like this picture.

And Here are the Girls!

The hall had loads of mirrors, very intriguing. 

These girls know each other like they share the same DNA. They can't live without each other. 

Here is a picture of Shruthi's friend who played 'Cupid'. This cheesy pose was intentional, just to convey the message! :)


I'm sure some of you who watch the news channel ET NOW would recognise this journalist. She was always joking that if I pointed the camera at her she would by-defualt say "This is Asha Gopalkrishnan, from Mumbai for ET NOW". 

People! This is Asha. She is Babu's cousin. Extremely sweet and a lot of fun! :) (Asha, don't kill me for putting up your snap :P)

Shruthi's crazy friends! Man! The reception party was a lot of fun!

Guys, there are so many lovely pictures, honestly had a tough time shortlisting this lot. 

Congratulations again! I'm really looking forward to your casual outdoor shoot. :)

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts!

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3 Responses to 28. Shruthi and Babu
  • rachana

    for once i am SPEECHLESS….awesome awesome pics!!!

  • Remya Paul

    Shruthi:Babes,you looking awesome.. :)..Congrats

    Phalgun:I have to say im happy she chose you.Good job .Me likey :)

  • Manny and Elaine

    Dear Babu and Shruthi,


    Quote: ‘It’s funny when most of the people discuss about Love marriage & Arranged marriage.
    It’s like asking someone, If suicide is better or being murdered.’

    Hehe, wish you a Happy Married Life guyz:)

    All the best for your future endeavours and God Bless.

    Sorry, I missed the fabulous moments, but you are more than welcome to come and get married again in Singapore, hehe ;-)

    Meet up soon. Cheers !!! :)

    Best Regards,
    Manny and Elaine

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