32. Gouri and Abhiram | Outdoor shoot

32. Gouri and Abhiram | Outdoor shoot

I met Gouri and Abhiram during our previous client Parinitha's wedding.

They were really excited about the outdoor shoot and I was really looking forward to working with them.

The outdoor shoot was in the morning at Eagleton Golf Resort on Mysore road. Till date, it has rained everytime we went there for a shoot. This time, not a speck of rain. Awesome! I guess they carried a lucky charm. 

Their love story is really cute, they met each other at while performing for a Dance Show at work. Cool huh! I bet it's way better than meeting through a social network. Hope all the bachelor/bachelorettes consider this option to meet their soul-mate.

The shoot was a lot of fun. :)

While Abhiram and me got ourselves a quick bite, I gave the camera to Gouri to test her photography skills. I must say, pretty impressive for a starter. Can you believe it, she is hardly interested in photography and she clicked this?! :) 

The green here is breath-taking. So I let them relax a bit while I got to work. 

It was really windy and the sun would peep in once in a while. The light was just enough for having a fantastic shoot. 

For the first session they were dressed up in ethnic clothes. 

The lawn was really fresh and the couple were fresher!

This picture was taken just before we went to the driving range. 

Since both of them had never played Golf before, they had a lot of fun. Abhiram played like a pro. I think he reached the 125m mark with a club which is not even designed for that kind of range. Nice!

He showed us this really cool trick to balance anything, like a golf club, a sword, a cricket bat, etc. 

First you rest the golf club on your two fore-fingers and then slowly move either of the fingers closer to each other. You'll be amazed at how easily you can find the center of gravity. Amazing! Check it out! 

Love this picture of you two! :)

They changed into white and looked like angels walking around. The cloud cover removed the contrast of the surroundings but these guys were WHITE! Glowing everywhere they went. 

You see what I mean…glowing!

Guys, you really make a lovely pair. 

I love the light in this picture, so diffused. 

At the end of the shoot, I HAD to ask them to show me some of the Salsa dance moves (because that's how they met, fell in love and the sparks went flying). Gouri! You are really good at this man! (Though I don't think I'll ever learn Salsa, coz for a guy to shake his hip looks really funny. Girls – fun; guys – Nada!)

It was a lot of fun shooting on a Monday, while others were at work! :P

Gouri and Abhiram, thank you for choosing CuspConcepts and hope you like the pictures!


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  • Gouri

    Hey Phalgun.. Thank you for the amazing pictures!
    I was surprised to see the leaf picture actually :)

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