33. Madhuri and Sameer

Madhuri and Sameer's wedding was just like in the movies. Obviously, since Madhuri is a Producer in New York. She had pre-visualised the whole wedding; the design, the colors, the costumes, the music, etc. 

For us, it was the first time we were shooting something so amazing. Honestly, we had never even seen anything like this before. 

They are such a fun couple. Sameer is a Punjabi and Madhuri is from a Telugu family. There was a major mix of culturals, just not that of the two families but there were also so many Americans (Firangs) at the wedding.  

Sameer is a major geek and Madhuri is a perfectionist. 

Madhuri had hired a wedding planner who was extremely creative and very intelligent. His name was Sanjay and has a fantastic team to support him. 

The Mehendi event was in a club-house in Whitefield. The theme can be described in keywords; dark green, light green, yellow, gold, flowers, lamps, mid-1900s, peacocks, lots of little things hanging, "Parineeta", "Devdas" kind of a set.

The epitome of creativity was the chocolate icing on the cake. Man! Brilliant idea. Make the mehendi artists put the icing with all their paisley patterns (mango patterns). AWESOME! And the cake was yum! :)

Like a typical Punjabi wedding, they just needed a reason to dance! Love the energy!

Madhuri (as I already mentioned, a producer) had some detailed specifications for the video but had given us the complete freedom to do our own thing! Thanks Madhuri! 

If you are finding the whole description too overwhelming and difficult to visualise then just watch the Mehendi teaser video. 

(Note: Try to watch it in HD)

And here is the wedding teaser. The things that were planned out and the military schedule was brilliant! Capturing the emotions, the actions, the energy without disturbing the beautiful ambience was a challenge. 

Sandeep and I had a wonderful time capturing the whole wedding. 

Madhuri and Sameer! Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts. 

Hope you liked the video! :D

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  • Meera Seshadri

    Couldn’t stop the tears during the wedding teaser! This is wonderful.

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