31. Shruthi and Babu | Outdoor Shoot

31. Shruthi and Babu | Outdoor Shoot

After seeing the response for Shruthi and Babu's wedding post on our site its easy to gauge how popular these guys are! :)

I was really looking forward to this photoshoot. Shruthi and Babu were both flying to two different continents immediately, so she wanted to make the most of the time by pulling in her best buddies to the shoot. Trust me! It was awesome fun!

Shruthi had selected the place for the outdoor shoot even before the wedding. The photoshoot was at this beautiful location "Angana – The Country Inn " very close to Guhantara on Kanakpura Road. This place just sent me back in time to the year 1990.

This place needs prior booking, but we were treated like as if we owned that place since the owner of that resort was Shruthi's friend! She has contacts man!

It had just rained and the light was amazing!   

I was so happy to see a wooden horsey, it was broken but just the sight of that brought back so many memories. I'm sure all of you would have one picture of you sitting on that when you were a kid. I remember mine was blue. 

The whole architecture was fascinating. It looks like a picture right out of a fairytale (have you guys seen the animated movie 'Tangled'?!)

I just loved the place, awesome backgrounds and light for portraits. Love this picture! The expressions, the wall, the light pattern on the wall and the lamp. 

Shruthi was awesome, I asked her to look away and she would give me all these cool poses.

Another picture which I really like, I took this while there were sitting near the pool. One thing you'll notice is that they are not at all camera shy!

A picture with her friends; Rachana and Aishwarya. People! Don't get carried away by looking at their innocent faces. 

They are CRAZY when they are together! They would crack jokes which only they would understand and start laughing non-stop. The rest of the people would be like "Wha? Huh? uh? Ok?"

I wanted to showcase how the situation was, Shruthi had to share her time with her hubby and her best friends. By the way the girls won, simply because Rachana is mighty strong! :P

Sent them away to change into their next set of clothes. 

This is a picture of Babu's brother who was baby-sitting Aishwarya's son. (Can't see the kid anywhere by the way?) :P 

Dude, don't kill me!

This is Ishan! Aishwarya's son.

After a cup of yummy tea, we decided to do the next part of the shoot inside the resort. 

I'm fascinated with reflections offlate. I love this picture. The earthy colours, the set and the red-oxide.

I always wanted to take a picture like this, a lot of foreground and give the viewer just a glimpse at the subject through a small gap. I love the way it looks! (please ignore the purple fringing)

Took this picture while these guys were playing chess. (another Reflection picture)

The place had these old-fashioned (1950s') power sockets. My grandfather's place in Bellary used to have these.

I want to end this post with my favorite picture from the shoot. 

Thanks guys for choosing this place for the shoot. Finally found a resort in South Bangalore.

Bon-voyage to the both of you! :)

Hope you like the pictures.


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