36. Ambika and Shwet

36. Ambika and Shwet

I met Ambika and Shwet at Golden Palms Resort for a casual shoot. I'm so happy to have met them. Ambika is extremely sweet and has a huge shoe-fetish. While Shwet is the biggest nerd I've met in my life. :D

Ambika met Shwet who was her senior in Ramaiah College of Engg. and then the electronic handshake evolved into eternal love. :P

The weather was just awesome, considering the trend from the previous days'. I was so looking forward to the shoot. 

Here is a picture of Shwet, when I was taking this picture, this dude was lost in his own world. When I asked him what he was immersed into, he started explaining about his plan for his Home Media center which now had 20+ TB storage all on a Gigabit network. And he became my new best friend instantly! :D

Ambika, you are extremely photogenic, was a pleasure taking pictures! Love the light, so diffused and warm.

I've become a big fan of taking pictures of reflections.

Have you ever wondered, we are so used to looking at ourselves in the mirror, well that's the only way we can look at ourselves right. That means, we are so used to looking at a "mirror image" of us and that's how it's implanted in our brain too. But a photograph of you is never a mirror image, that's the real you! Check it out. Have always been intrigued by this fact.  

So refreshing!

The resort is filled with greenery. Got a picture of Ambika with some healthy green foliage.

A-ha! :D

It was pretty windy and very sunny, so we decided to rest for a few minutes near the pool. 

From a photography perspective, a red wall adds a warm tone to the skin. Just loved the streaks of light and shadow behind them.

We took a break for lunch and had some delicious Italian food at "Sorrento" in the resort.

We spoke at stretch about NAS, SSDs, Media servers, Twitter, Gadgets, Mobile Apps, Steve Jobs and everything GEEK! :D  

For the next set of clothes we decided to take some pictures near these beautiful arches. 

Another close crop picture of Ambika. Notice Shwet in the mirror at the back.

Guys, thank you for choosing CuspConcepts and also for the fantastic time! 

These are just a few pictures. Hope you like them. :D


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  • Sulagnaa

    heyy guys….mast pics…Phalgun..u rock!!!

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