34. Shilpa and Hari | Casual shoot

34. Shilpa and Hari | Casual shoot

Shilpa and Hari's love story is very cute. They knew each other from school, but then they were just aware of each other's existence. The spark was ignited when they were in college. After that they followed each other everywhere they went. Now after years of being together, as soon as both their families approved, they finally decided to tie the knot.

I really loved their attitude towards life. 'Seize the day' attitude; 'Carpe diem' in other words! :) 

Their wedding is scheduled next week and decided to do an impromptu casual shoot.

We left early to Nrityagram and on the way I jumped out of my seat when I saw this field of Marigold flowers! (Someday, I want to own a field with such flowers. Sigh!)

We stopped there to get some pictures. Coincidently Shilpa was wearing something yellow! I totally love these pictures.    

We reached Nrityagram after getting lost big-time (like how I always do, in my defence; it's the stupid boards)

People, when you enter this place you'll see a board which says "Please be careful of our dogs!", please don't take it lightly. Today, 3 healthy dogs came running towards us barking like crazy, with their hair standing straight on their neck and saliva flying around. Scared the "Shitakes" out of us! Phew!

Tip: If you are stuck in a situation like this, don't panic, don't run, don't stretch out your hands; just stand still and stay calm. Trust me, it works. Learnt it while watching "Dog Whisperers" on NatGeo. Basically show them that you are not scared! Suggest that you hold your bag or camera or anything big like you are gonna chuck it at them, they should stop.  

Anyway, the sun actually was out today after 10 days of monsoon. Made use of it to the fullest. 

I always love these walls, they have so much of texture and unique patterns. And they act like big 'light diffusers'. 

Just look at that expression on Shilpa's face! :)

They are in the 'Louve' my bwoys! :P

One of my favorite silhouettes till date. 

Love the way the blurred 'Bougainvillea' in the foreground has this interesting effect on the overall picture.

As we were walking around, found this very dreamy-surreal place. 

They changed into another set of clothes and we left for my favorite grassland (which is now no more :(  since BDA has dug up the whole place)

By now the sun was out, so we found a pocket of shade. Got these pictures while they were relaxing and enjoying the green. 

I had to put this picture. Fancy ear-ring huh! It looks like those chinese 'gongs' that would make a sound like 'Tisssshhhh'! :P

Shilpa decided to run around trees in 'full filmy' style! :)

Imagine…. Hari calling out "Shilpaaaaaaaa….."! :P

Guys, had an awesome time with you both, I now can't wait to capture your wedding! :)

Hope you like the pictures. 

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    You guys are doing a great job.

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