35. Shilpa and Hari

35. Shilpa and Hari

After the casual shoot I realised that I had gained two wonderful friends, Shilpa and Hari!

The first part of the assignment was to capture Shilpa's mehendi event. It was at her place in Rajarajeshwarinagar, if some of you are nodding thinking that you know that place, trust me her place is very very far from Gopalan Mall. (Don't kill me Shilpa)

Man! It rained like crazy that evening and was refusing to stop. But that didn't dampen the spirits here! 

Brothers. sisters, cousins, kids, aunties, uncles were all there. It was a lot of fun. Esp. with the DJs aka Vinay and Prakash were playing half the songs one after the other. :P

The Mehendi artists did a fabulous job. 

Check out this picture. No, Shilpa is not saying 'Jai Hind', but she was just protecting her mehendi while walking around! :)

Shilpa's friends, John and Patrick decided to get Mehendi done as well. I like John's (the one on the right) mehendi, looks like a Lens' aperture! So apt for him since he is into creative video production in NY.

A-ha! What love I say! :)

I totally loved the designs. Definitely deserves the "CuspConcepts Best Mehendi Design Award"! :P

Check out the fine details, like the faces, the garlands, the fire (with Hari written underneath)

Loved the dancer too! 

Tada! Our trademark Mehendi shot. It doesn't look like a heart but looks more like a "Spade". Did  you know that the symbolism of the Spade corresponds to "Respect", e.g. Ace of Spades, etc. 

The next day, the Reception was in one of the halls in the famous Iskcon Temple. It was the first time I'd been there. Loved the whole design of this place, modern and yet had that heritage feel. 

I got to shoot some jewelry and getting ready shots.

I overheard somebody say "Adu, Zig-Zag saree, latesht fashion!" It's like as if some people come to weddings to just check out the bride's attire.  

Both of them looked great and very happy.

The next day was the wedding day! Got some pictures of Hari getting ready. He was super anxious and was ready an hour early. 

Here is a picture of Hari waiting for his bride/girlfriend arrive. 

The lovely bride! 

This is the first time ever I've seen a bride and groom looking at each other and having so much fun while exchanging the 'akshathe'. 

This is an interesting ritual where the groom rests his toe on his new bride's. It's like a handshake I guess. 

No matter how strong you might be, the moment the thali is tied, the brides always get so emotional. Noticed that all of their family had moist eyes. 

And then they were Married!

I had to get a picture of them in front of the famous temple tower. 

I had a tough time shortlisting pictures for this post, but decided to put the ones I like, because it's My post! (Buhahahaha)

A super talkative bride and a super calm groom. That said, you make a wonderful couple!

Congratulations guys! Hope you like the pictures. :)

Happy Weekend!

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