37. Charanya and Vikram

37. Charanya and Vikram

Charanya and Vikram's wedding was in Chennai at Sri Rama Kalyana Mandapam in Nungumbakkam. 

Charanya had booked us in January itself. And then the planning and discussion started a few months back.

They are one of the coolest couples I've met. They are so made for each other. They were always talking and giggling between themselves, oblivious of hundreds of relatives who were there. It was awesome fun shooting their wedding.

We felt like we were one of their relatives, that's how everybody treated us. Also, we'd already met some of them at the last wedding that happened in January. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.    

Charanya was determined to make sure everything matched the colour theme, Pink and Purple. 

We shot all of the events for the two days. Here are some pictures from the evening Reception and the wedding that happened on the next day, early morning.

The decoration guys had done a fabulous job. It was minimalistic and they actually coordinated the colours. Ain't that seat super Royal! 

We went to Vikram's room to get a few shots of him getting ready and his buddies helping him. Well, I helped him as well, tied the knot on that tie! :) 

And Meghna, my second shooter was capturing some getting ready shots of Charanya. 

Looks like she has tried out a lot of 'bindis', check out her hand. 

I loved the 'bokeh' (the white bubbles) in this photo. Wow, so mermerising.

Found a wooden board on the wall, which made a fantastic background which absorbed light and also gave a nice warm diffused light.

Always wanted to take a picture like this and Charanya just made my day with that smile. Love this picture.

Look at the chemistry man!

The highlight of the evening was Sudha Raghunathan's concert. Everbody in my house is a fan of hers. Have been listening to her songs for so many years while mom listened to them in the kitchen. Was a priveledge to listen to her live! 

After a couple of hours, the music evolved from classical music to Dink-Chuck-Dink-Chuck music. Took some pictures, while the couple danced to "Sheila ki Jawani". :) 

The party ended pretty late. The wedding started very early in the morning. I found this lamp, which I guess had been burning throughout the night. 

And then there were people running towards the main door and Charanya was standing there surrounded by so many women, but obviously she stood out! Check out her attire. (I love to shoot with a wide angle lens.)

Just check out the "Aandal"! 

During this time, Vikram was being prepared for the Kashi yatra. 

Vikram just sprinted towards the gate, as part of the Kashi Yatra. The bride's father had to convince him to come back and give his daughter in holy matrimony.

The next ritual is where they exchanged the garlands. Man! It was awesome fun. 

Here, Vikram's friends just made their way and lifted him so high that Vikram just did a Slam Dunk with the garland. 

I noticed a sticker on one of the relative's lyrics sheet. It had a bride and groom on it so framed this picture immediately.

This is a picture just to give you an idea of the no. of people that are involved in this ritual. Man! They were so enthusiastic.

Let's skip to the main part of the wedding. We decided to capture the faces of the bride and the groom.

The thali was tied and they were finally married. And pretty instantly tears were rolling down Charanya's mom's cheeks. 

No, they are not the monks from a Shaolin temple, they were students who are learning the vedas at a nearby ashram. They had come to bless the couple. And they were all kids aged around 7-8 years.

Vikram just made the most of this ritual where the bride and groom play with coconuts. He made a goal post and you can see that they were having a lot of fun, including one of the boys at the back. Vikram is a super fun guy, at one point of time he had to repeat the mantras that the poojari was chanting and he was repeating them in the exact same tone and style. It was Hilarious! 

I just loved this picture that Meghna has captured. Vikram was helping Charanya climb up the stairs for the last ritual, "Grihapravesham". 

Charanya and Vikram, you guys make such a wonderful pair. 

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts! :D

Hope you like the pictures. Have a fantastic time in New Zealand! 

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  • Sangi&Vivek

    Ahhh…the DJ night pic is THE pic..the most fun part of any marriage…

    Happy married life both!

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