38. Swathi and Vijay

38. Swathi and Vijay

Swathi and Vijay's wedding was in Madurai. I can never forget the area where the mantap was located, it was called "Thabal Thanthi Nagar". GPS saved us most of the time to get to the place. (Just to confirm, I don't know Tamil)

Madurai is a beautiful town. Clean and wide roads everywhere. Famous for it's Meenakshi temple, which has 4 gates to enter (had to use GPS here again). Tasty food anywhere you go (esp. idlis). Auto-rickshaw charge is basically a random number, so I started paying them with a random note as well (always started with Rs.50). Weather – Super hot!

This time it was only photography, so Raghunandan was my second shooter. He is a fun guy to work with. We had a wonderful time shooting the wedding.

If you have checked out their Casual Shoot post on my site, you'd already know by now that Vijay is a man with many expressions. (Click here to read the post)

There were many rituals on the both days, you can read the details on their 'wed'site

The most fun ritual is the 'Jaana Vaasam'. Traditionally, it's a procession where the groom is accompanied by his family, relatives, friends and musicians. Celebrated with fireworks as well. Basically for the bride's family to get a public approval of the groom. Swathi had planned this out and surprised Vijay with a fancy chariot! 

The next day, the wedding started before the sun rose. We decided to capture as many emotions/expressions as possible. 

Love this picture which Raghu has captured. Vijay all set for the Kasi Yatra. Expression? No idea! :D

Again! Expression? Still No idea! :) (Check out the umbrella) 

Ok, here is something familiar. People who know Vijay know that he has a great sense of humor.

Fun as always, the bride and groom exchanging garlands. I hope this ritual stays on in the years to come. Love to capture this, though very challenging to photograph.

The first rays of the sun touching the happy bride! 

Oonjal is one of my favorite parts of the wedding. And also the riskiest. The women in the family take these coloured balls of rice and swing them in all directions. Apparently, recently those balls fell on Vijay's friend Prabhakar's camera, bulls-eye huh! When they shared this story I kinda jumped back. Now you know why they were laughing.

There is this ritual where the groom uses a thin blade of grass to write 'Om" on the bride's temple. Another beautiful capture by Raghu!

Love to capture the expressions during the thali tying ritual.

How often do you see the father with tears rolling down the cheek!

Here is a picture of Vijay giving his dad a hug. 

After the emotional roller-coaster. Managed to get a picture of both of them in their wedding attire. Looks like they have really gone on a roller coaster! :P

In the evening there was Nalangu. I have to admit that Nalangu is a lot of fun! Clicked this picture when the groom combs the bride's hair and shows the mirror to her for a millisecond and immediately flip it back. 

We had some time before the reception. So we walked around finding interesting subjects.

Just love the colours of the lights which are out-of-focus. (In Photography terms, it's called Bokeh) Yup! The lenses provide beautiful bokeh effortlessly. 

Got a picture of both of them in their Reception attire. They were so relaxed and the temperature was lovely because it was raining outside. Don't they make a lovely pair!

A fun picture with all of their friends. Kudos to their friends for being part of the entire wedding.  

Swathi and Vijay, Congratulations again and Best of Luck! :)

The next day we had an opportunity to check out the famous Meenakshi temple. All I can say is that the temple was breathtaking at every turn! The 1000 pillars was really overwhelming! Thanks guys for the details.

Click on the image below to check out some of the pictures from the temple. (Yup! For just Rs.50, you are allowed to take the camera to most of the places inside the temple :D)

Hope  you like the pictures! :D

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  • Sriram

    Awesome Mannn .. :-) Esp’ly the way u narrate with the pictures.. gives life to it .. and happy married life 2 the cute couple ..

  • Balaji RT

    Thanks Phalgun….. I missed them all :)

  • Ajith V

    Hi Phalgun & Raghu !
    Hope you must remember me ! I met you the day before Vijay & Swathy’s Wedding. Although I was unable to attend the Wedding, the expressions of Both the Bride and the Groom are captured really well. Best Output ! Keep up the Good Work !

    As discussed, I will give you assignments once I come to Bangalore !

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