41. Archana and Ajay

41. Archana and Ajay

First time I spoke to Archana itself I knew that I would have fun capturing her wedding. She is very sweet and always laughing. I'd never met Ajay until the Mehendi function. Man! That guy has a very good sense of humor. He is extremely sportive, he just got up from the chair and started dancing to the super-popular Tamil song 'Nakku Mukka' (which is my favorite song too) and was mocking and pulling Archana's leg all the time.

Archana had planned so many things for each and every event. She had hired Kadambari Patil and her team for the Mehendi event. Archana got Kadambari to try her creative skills on a cake, where instead of the mehendi, chocolate was used for the icing. Looked awesome! For more check out Kadambari Arts on Facebook.

Here is a picture of Kadambari doing what she is good at.

It was a lot of fun to have Ajay at the scene. Here is a picture of him trying to imitate Archana's pose. :P

Archana's best friend Sindhu showing off her Chocolate mehendi. All those who had no idea about the chocolate filling inside the icing cones where a bit shocked when they saw Sindhu and Kadamabari squeezing the contents into their mouths! 

My favorite pictures from the Mehendi event! :D

Archana did a 'Peek-a-boo" when I asked her to hold her hands together. 

After seeing the energy levels at the Mehendi event I was very prepared for the wedding. 

Just check out the Mandap design. Super-u!

Got some make-up shots. The theme was to have a highlight of gold where ever possible. 

Looks like Archana is in deep penance or she might've been just sleeping! 

Ajay was all set for the Kasiyatra. He looks like a Kannada hero right!

He was welcomed with a major procession into the wedding hall. 

I always love to capture this part of the Kasiyatra when every one bless the groom for returning and agreeing to marry the bride. 

Here is a picture of Archana being carried by her uncles to the stage where Ajay was waiting to get the first glimpse of his bride.

Man! Both of them were very anxious, they would take deep breaths once in a while. 

People were telling Archana to be the first one to throw the Jeerge Bella. 

This is photo proof that Archana won this challenge! :)

After the Kanya dhanam was the most important ritual. Love this picture where Archana is looking at Ajay while he was carefully tying the thali. 

I'd no idea what was happening, I just turned around and saw these guys holding their cheeks! Hilarious! :D

This is to all Kannadigas! All of a sudden Kannada actor 'Crazy Star' Ravichandran showed up. Everybody in my family used to like him a lot. I think he was the first one to introduce Juhi Chawla into the Film world.

Here is a picture of them pointing at the Arundathi star. The fun part was that Archana's elder sister's name is Arundathi too. So Ajay was like if he can't find the star in the sky he'll just point at Arundathi instead. :P

Once they completed the rituals from Ajay's side, Archana had to do this fun ritual of pouring rice on each other which was a tradition in her family. Fun!

There were so many people at the wedding. When I came to the hall in the evening at around 5.00 pm, the hall was full! All the relatives, family friends of Ajay's had come from Rampura. I'd never seen such a big crowd. 

I got the opportunity to take some pictures of Archana's jewelry that Ajay's aunt had gifted her during the wedding. 

I had to take a picture of Archana's fancy chappal for the evening. 

There was not much time to get individual snaps of both of them because there were so many people waiting to wish them.

Both of them were looking great!

This time for the Reception, my favorite comedian/actor showed up! Man! We used to love his TV series called "Crazy Colonel" which was very very popular in 1990's. He has also acted with Ananthnag in the super hilarious movie "Ganeshana Maduve".  

I want to end this post with a picture of Archana; the lively, fun loving, sweet person that she is. 

Archana and Ajay, Congratulations! I can't wait for the casual shoot. :)

Hope you like the pictures!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts. 

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