40. Natasha and Rohan

40. Natasha and Rohan

Natasha and Rohan's was a Catholic wedding in St. Patrick's Church. They are both Mangalorean Christians. I always wanted to shoot here and finally got an opportunity. 

This couple is one of a kind. They are so crazy about each other. You can see the chemistry in the wedding highlights video. 

I'd met Natasha before the wedding and I must tell you that she is very very unpredictable. She was super excited about her wedding. I met Rohan only on the day of the wedding, he was extremely calm but as soon as he saw Natasha walk down the aisle he didn't seem to stop smiling till the end of the ceremony. 

She hired me only for video while Claude Loren was capturing pictures. This guy is one super-enthu fellow, it was so nice to see him work and a fun guy to work with. You can check out his work on his Facebook page

I think I reached the church a bit early, apparently if the ceremony is at 3.30pm they open the doors at 3.30pm! I had fun capturing some fillers for the video. And guess what, the church was under renovation! So we had to scrap a few shots.  

The reception was at Gayatri Vihar and man! It wasn't a typical reception party; they called it the Gala Dinner Party! The best part of the whole party was the dance floor! Awesome music. Totally rocked the floor literally, the tripod would vibrate according to the thump from the sub-woofer! 

Found this at the Reception party where, this guy from Mangalore has created this display which shows messages fed into a computer with the help of flowers. I thought it was very innovative! If you are interested to hire these "Dancing Flowers", you need to call Sudhir +919880077719. 


It was a pleasure capturing Natasha and Rohan's special day. 

Check out the short-highlights video from the wedding and please leave your feedback.

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