39. Shwetha and Aditya

39. Shwetha and Aditya

Last year around this time, I had shot Smitha and Sathwick's wedding. Smitha had a twin sister 'Shwetha', who a lot of people get confused differentiating one from the other. This time I had to capture Shwetha's wedding in Bangalore. It was awesome fun!

Shwetha interacted with Aditya online a couple of months back. She says that she liked him instantly for his attitude towards life, he is a go-getter. Well, he owns his own Software Product Company with an interesting business model.

Both Smitha and Aditya are extremely friendly and a lot of fun to hang out with. This is was the first North Karnataka style wedding I'd shot. Some of the rituals were pretty interesting. 

I knew most of them at the wedding, so had a lot of catching up to do.

The first day was the Varapooja. Before Aditya and his family arrived at the hall, I got to take some pictures of Shwetha with her close family. Both the guys are comical characters and Shwetha told me that Aditya is one 'Joker', I was all excited to shoot this wedding. :)

They decided to coordinate all their clothes, they were all in Blue! (I kept humming AR Rahman's title song for 'Blue' or should I say Bu-loooo)

Aditya's entry was pretty much like a politician. 

There was a long convoy of vehicles entering and then you see this guy with a 'Topi' and waving his hand at the crowd.

And then he cut a ribbon and lit the lamp…



If there was a stage and a microphone, he would've delivered a speech! :P

At almost all these events, you see these toys, clothes, fruits, chocolates, artistically carved dry coconuts, etc. but this is the first time I saw an ice-cream cup (I would like to think of it as a cocktail glass).


Varapooja came to an end when they gave him the dry coconut with their names carved on it. 

When I was heading out, I found a couple of girls playing and the shadow was just beautiful. Pulled out my camera and took this snap. It's one of those pictures you click and feel this immense pride every time you look at it.

The next day, could hear the Nadaswara from the end of the road itself. And here is a closer look! :P


Got a picture with Shwetha and Aditya's younger sister, all smiles! And also, Shwetha was holding her from flying away with the wind. :P


Aditya was feeling so jealous so I took a picture with only him in focus!

Shwetha had told me that he was camera-shy, but dude was acting like a super-star.


Here is a picture of Shwetha and Smitha with their mom. Took this picture just after the Gowri pooja.

I love reflections! Clicked this picture while they were preparing him for the Kasiyatra. 


I love to capture Kasiyatra with the crowd, has a good effect. Love to capture pictures of rituals "As-is" and not disturb the crowd or the ambience. 

After the Kasiyatra, Shwetha was carried by her uncles to the stage, her brother was trying very hard to cover her face. Love the peacock feathers here.

All set for the Jeerge Bella ritual, here Shwetha had a 'mean' strategy to surprise Aditya. 

The mean surprise was that she was lifted into the air and poor guy Aditya had no idea. :)

This was hilarious! Both of them were lifted into the air to exchange the garlands but nobody had given Aditya a garland to throw. And the next thing he did was hold Shwetha's hands and not let her put it. Poor guy! But she won at the end of it all. (The sacrifices men have to make) 

Everybody enjoys this ritual, both young and the old. That's one of Aditya's Ajjis.

Shwetha was really excited. She was always smiling and having fun! 

Look at the Happy bride!

Shwetha's elder brother and dad were balling with tears! While her mom was pretty composed actually, but you can see her eyes were moist too.

The thali was pretty unique, had so many little little things. I had to take a picture for documentation sakes.

I want to end this post with my favorite picture from the shoot. 

Shwetha and Aditya, you make a great pair! Looking forward to the casual outdoor shoot.

Have fun in Langkawi!

Hope  you like the pictures. :) 

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    The pic of mirror reflection and Nadaswara is awesome…loved it.

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