43. Natasha and Anil

43. Natasha and Anil

I always wondered if two workaholics can ever fall in love until I met Natasha and Anil. Anil is so smitten by Natasha. And you can see that chemistry in all the pictures.

The first time I spoke to Natasha, the call lasted for an hour I think. Natasha likes to discuss to the minutest detail.  

Natasha had warned me that we would have to face a lot of madness during her wedding. On the contrary, we enjoyed the high energy in the wedding. 

The first part of the assignment was to capture her Mehendi event. And guess who was the mehendi artist :)…Kadambari Patil!

It was at Temple Trees Apartments. I stole both of them away from all of their relatives for a few minutes to get some pictures.  

Found an interesting figurine which had "On your wedding" engraved on it. Kept that in front of a photo frame of both of them to have an interesting effect. Borrowed their rings and included them in the frame as well. 

The hall is in the basement and had these vents to let natural light stream in. I moved Natasha to that location just to take advantage of the natural light. It looked like she was sitting under a focus light. 

It's very apparent that she is very popular in the family. She was always surrounded by people. 

Tada! Our CuspConcepts signature Mehendi shot! :D Love it!

In the evening, there was a "Cocktail Party" at the President Hotel in Jayanagar. 

The highlight of the evening was the simple yet fancy drink – "Malabar High" (That's what we named it) its fresh coconut water with vodka and an olive.

This was the best part of the evening. Both of them dance really well! It was super entertaining! :D

The best song for a cocktail party is definitely "Kolaveri Di" and here is a picture of Natasha's uncle dancing to that song. How apt… "handla glass-u, Glassla Scotch-u"! :P

The next day was a ritual where they formally welcomed the groom to the wedding, it's called "Phool Muddi" in Konkani. 

There were so many new rituals that we were shooting, was very interesting. 

Natasha was wearing a golden saree which went really well with the background. It has a warm feel don't you think.

Next day morning was the wedding. It was a Mangalorean Brahmin wedding. 

The wedding was at Pai Vista Convention Hall in Jayanagar. 

The first thing we see in the morning is this beautiful Mandap! BEAUTIFUL!

For the wedding Ram was on the video, Meghna was the second shooter and Moi!

There were two rituals happening simultaneously. Both from the groom's side and the bride's side were involved in it. It was really interesting.  

They would pour grains into the grinding stone and they had to grind it. I could only think of a flywheel and physics. 

Shot this picture in slow shutter to capture the motion. 

While I was taking pictures of Anil, Meghna was with Natasha, clicking some getting ready shots. Check out the traditional Mangalorean attire!

This was the fun part of the wedding. The pujaris held a cloth to block Anil from getting a glimpse of the bride but look at this dude!

It was so cool! Natasha's uncles (Mamus) escorted her from the entrance towards the mandap and here one of her uncles just picked her up. Awesome or what!


I'm skipping a few rituals to keep this post short. 

Here is the Kanyadhan ritual performed by Natasha's aunt and uncle. It was a very emotional scene.

And finally he tied the thali. Natasha was given many chains. I was teasing her that she looks like Bappi Lahiri! :D

The pheras was very interesting, all her uncles and cousin brothers passed the puffed rice and walked around the fire along with them.  

Was so happy to see Pankaj Advani – the billiards champion. So humble!

Even the sapthapadi had a twist. Don't you feel like singing "Ah-ah-aaja, Ah ah aaja…." :P

Like how kannadiga brahmins perform Gowri pooje, Natasha had to perform a short ritual where she had to offer 108 coconuts to all the women. 108  Coconuts!!!

I want to end this post with my favorite picture from the shoot. Love it! :D

Congratulations Natasha and Anil! I'm sure you've heard this before a million times but have to say it again… "You are so made for each other!" 

Have an awesome time in Rajasthan. :)

Hope you like the pictures and thanks for the most funkiest food! :D

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