44. Prathima and Kiran

44. Prathima and Kiran

When Kiran invited Prathima to check out one of the national parks on the out-skirts of Singapore, she had no idea what was destined for her that day. Imagine this, they are walking along a path amongst the fallen leaves, tall trees, chirping of birds and the sunlight flickering through the trees. And from nowhere a big Komodo Dragon stomps towards them. And Prathima jumps towards Kiran and clutches his hand in fear. And they say that the rest was history.

Today the same couple was getting married in Lalitha Mahal.   

A week before the wedding we went to UB City, Frescos and Cubbon Park for a casual shoot. Why did we go to so many places? Because we were sent out from each one of them. They thought we were doing a photoshoot for a Magazine cover. :D That's a compliment, I thought! :D

This shoot was not the typical CuspConcepts kind, Kiran had shared a list of poses that he had dreamt of for years and since I've never done something like this before I was a bit concerned but Kiran and Prathima rocked it! 

Here are some pictures from the casual shoot.

A very dreamy picture, doesn't it look like one of those desktop wallpapers with a romantic quote on it. 

It was a lot of fun. They are totally in love with each other. 

The wedding was at the famous landmark in Mysore "The Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel". I always wished to go there whenever we went to Chamundi Hills, this white hotel amongst the barren land. There was a beautiful chariot parked infront of the palace, so apt for a photographer right!

It was a Christian wedding. This time the team consisted of Ram on the video, Meghna as the second shooter and me. 

I love this getting ready picture that Meghna has clicked. 

Another beautiful capture of Prathima getting off the car. Dressed in white and holding a classic red bouquet. 

She looked like a princess quite literally. Shot this before the ceremony started. 


During the ceremony, the reverend was explaining the Four pillars in a marriage and how god made Adam and Eve. 

Had to click this picture with the shadow of the hand, it's just like the way Jesus holds his hand in most of his statues.

This picture was taken when Prathima was making her vows. 

They are very god-loving. They went into a trance when the choir was singing. 

This was my favorite part of the wedding, we had to literally separate them from the crowd for these pictures. There was very little time and I was very very happy at the end of the shoot. The pathways in the palace are just beautiful. 

The evening sunlight and the reflections of them on the floor was just amazing. 

I just love this picture too, the green wall casting it's color everywhere gave a very dreamy look. 

Prathima was looking gorgeous in the evening attire. I had to take these pictures to show what all they have done in just 45 mins. Pretty awesome huh!

There were some very nice video testimonials that their friends had created. It was a lot of fun. I'll try to share them in this post once they share it with me. 

People, I'm sure you'd agree that they make a great pair. 

Kiran and Prathima, Congratulations and wish you the best in life! :D

Hope you like the pictures. 

Watch the Wedding Highlights Video!

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  • deepak

    OOOOOOOOO God this is just an amizing photo ur looking like Anjels on earth Kinny ur looking very hot man!!!!! prathima i dont have  words to express ………                          
    phalgun  u have done goooooood job man ur booked for life time………  

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