46. Goda and Anirudh

46. Goda and Anirudh

This wedding was definitely a very unique one. You will see for yourself. 

Goda and her family are very close friends to us. They are more like an extension of our family. But honestly, I hadn't seen the perfectionist side of Goda all these years.

She is very musically gifted. She plays the veena, while her sister Radha plays the flute. They have compiled many songs together. She studied LLM in London School of Economics and graduated recently . Amazing right! :)

Goda is into music, dance and generally into arts; Anirudh on the other hand is a complete opposite. He is also a graduate of law from Oxford University. He has authored many books on Law. Yup! He is a nerd! :)

I had an awesome time capturing Goda and Anirudh's Sangeeth 'get-together', wedding and the reception.

Each event was more spectacular than the other.

I went to her house to capture a few pictures of her mehendi before the Sangeeth night. Generally, the groom's name is hidden in the mehendi but this one was nice and bold! :D 

Tada! The popular CuspConcepts mehendi shot! :) (notice those eyes of the tiger on the t-shirt)

That's Cookie-doo! ..their adorable Beagle. 

Check-out the decoration for the Sangeeth night. Beautiful right! Photographer's delight I say! 

The wedding planner was "KraftedKnots". The contact person was "Shreya", who did a wonderful job. Obviously, nothing would've been so perfect without Goda's intervention. 

You'll notice that each of the events had a color theme. The Sangeeth night was organised at their family's farm house on the outskirts of Bangalore. 

The lighting was beautiful too. I loved these very ethnic umbrellas all over the place. 

Both of them were so excited about all the events. Most of them were a surprise for them.

There were performances by close family and friends. The small skit enacting Goda and Anirudh's story was hilarious! All the performances were very entertaining. 

They are so comfortable with each other. They did a sweet little dance together. 

That was a perfect teaser for me of what to expect from the next few major events.

The wedding was at the "Rajhans Convention Hall" in Rajajinagar. It started very early in the morning. It was an Iyengar wedding.  

Check out the fancy Mandap. 

I just loved the Jhoola. It was decorated so beautifully. 

This was the most unique and creative aspect of the wedding for me. South Indians keep something called a "Bidadi Mane", basically a room in the marriage hall which is arranged with what all the bride will be bringing with her, stuff that she would need to setup her new home. And this was what Goda's family had arranged. It was mind-blowing. It's like a Lawyer's office but the twist is that the books and files that you see on the table actually have the food items and stuff. Those Law-books look-alike was awesome! By the way, those books in the background is just a printed poster. It was like a museum! Anirudh's family had arranged their's which looked like a miniature version of the famous "It's a Small World" ride in Disney Land.   

There were more books as "Thambulam". I got one too. So cool! :)

Here are some getting ready shots. 

While Anirudh's Kasi-yatra was going on, Goda slowly sneaked in behind that saree at the back. She had planned a surprise for the garland exchange ritual. She had climbed onto the swing to get a better vantage point for a sneak-attack. Deadly!  

Notice the expression on that aunty in the red saree. :) 

The swami was very cool, he spoke such good English. 

Loved this picture – so many expressions! 

Let's skip to the thali-tying ritual. Look at Goda's expressions here! :P

That's Raghavan uncle (Goda's dad) in the background. 

As Anirudh was tying the thali, there were claps, whistles, cheers, smiles and tears everywhere.

The father realizing that it is time to let go of his daughter.

Had to take a picture of Radha and Goda together (with their fancy hair-do)

The lovely married couple! :D

The wedding was very eventful and by now you would've noticed some amazing stuff in their wedding. 

It didn't stop there. 

The Reception party was right in front of the amazing "Bangalore Palace"! Again, the setting, the decoration and the attention to detail was so fantastic! Enjoyed capturing everything (actually I was speechless most of the time). :D 

Behold! The Bangalore Palace! Takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Both Goda and Anirudh looked like royalty.

This was the decoration for the stage where Goda and Anirudh greeted the guests. 

It had candles on either side and the main background was like a waterfall! It was so vibrant! I'm actually running out of words to describe the beautiful deco. I can only describe it in pictures! :)

I took a walk through the vast garden in front of the palace and I noticed this fountain amidst a very dreamy setting. Bent down to the ground until I could see the reflection of the palace in the water. I wouldn't be surprised if some characters from Shakespear's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" came to life. :)  

There was a fire show!

There was also a violinist walking around playing some lovely numbers. It was definitely an event to remember, not just for the couple but for all the guests as well.  

There are so many pictures, I'd have to put around 100 pictures to just summarize the wedding in this post. I had a tough time shortlisting pictures to keep the post short.

Goda and Anirudh, Congratulations! You guys are so perfect for each other :D

Wish you both the best in the world! 

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