47. Maria and Nathan

47. Maria and Nathan

When your heart is in search of that special someone and one day all of a sudden you meet this person who is a complete stranger and your eyes meet and you know the personality of that person just by the tone of the voice and realize that "Hey, I have found my partner"! Who knew that the person would be from an entirely different continent! :D (Ok, that's my attempt at sharing their story in just under 370 characters.)

I introduce to you Maria and Nathan!

I met Maria at Prathima and Kiran's wedding. (She was so lost in her own world when I asked her who Kiran's dad was and she confidently showed me Prathima's dad :D)

I had heard so much about Nathan and was looking forward to meeting him. When you meet him the first thing you'll notice is that he has this very peaceful aura around him. Probably the tone of his voice.

We went to Golden Palms for a pre-wedding casual shoot.

It was a bright sunny morning, perfect day for photography. :)

Here are some pictures from the shoot. 

Nathan carries a bible with a beautiful cover, it was a perfect background for their rings. You can see Maria's last name "Tresa" engraved inside Nathan's ring.  

Love these pictures of both of them.

Nathan was showing Maria some dance moves for their first dance. 

After they changed their outfits, we got some more pictures inside the resort.

We spoke about so many things, mostly philosophy.

The wedding was at the New Covenant Gospel Church in Banaswadi. 

Maria and Nathan were both looking very nice. Both of them were a bit anxious at first.

Nathan's brother Daniel was busy working on a presentation with snippets from the Bible to go with his speech in the evening.

Maria was escorted by her father and her sisters. 

The first look! :D

I found the next few pictures very special.

Nathan taking his vows and Maria giving her approval.

The wedding ring…

There was a surprise for both of them. Nathan always wished that his friends played music at his wedding, since they couldn't make it they had shared a video. It was wonderful. Maria had tears in her eyes. 

The Reception party was at St. John's Convention Hall in Fraser Town. 

While they were waiting to walk into the hall I got some pictures of them at the back of the hall with the beautiful twilight as the background.

Cake cutting ceremony had so many types of confetti from all directions.

This was so much fun! The brothers made them play a super fun game. They were made to sit in opposite directions and they were each given one shoe of each other's. For every question they had to lift the shoe to answer the question pertaining to them. Questions like, "Who'll buy the gift first for the 1st Anniversary", well you can see the answer below :)

Here is a picture of Maria and Nathan in their Reception attire. 

Maria and Nathan, here's wishing you the best in the world! You are absolutely made for each other! :D

Wish you a wonderful life together in Canada! Please do keep in touch.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Uncle Bruno

    Hi Joyceson & Maria,
    Tersha, Tiara, Aunty Piyum & I are delighted and amazed the way the Lord has brought you two together. God Bless you both as one body now and for ever.

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