50. Deepti and Arun | A Malayali Wedding

50. Deepti and Arun | A Malayali Wedding

Deepti had called me months ago to ask me to shoot her wedding and at that time she was traveling so frequently that I couldn't meet her personally. So, the first time I actually saw her was in the pictures she shared of hers and Arun's engagement. And you won't believe this! It was a Picasa link of an album with pictures of the printed album taken with her mobile phone! Yes! MOBILE PHONE! :O

I was so inspired to document her wedding in such a way that she wouldn't have to share her pictures the same way! 

Ok, now coming to their story. It's an arranged marriage. Trust me, once you go through the post you'll see that these guys are very much in love. I guess sometimes matches are made on Shaadi.in as well :D

Some of you might have already seen how much fun Deepti is on the CuspConcepts FB page and guys, Arun is even more fun. :)

It was an outdoor wedding amidst a beautiful lawn in Bangalore's RSI Club on MG Road. What was even better is that the whole place was decorated by KraftedKnots! They are doing a fabulous job. 

Very rarely you'd see wedding planners being creative with the whole wedding theme and sticking to the culture at the same time.

It was a very colourful and vivid Malayali wedding. Loads of fresh flowers, bells and everything Gold! :D

Love the attention to detail in the decor planned and executed by KraftedKnots. Very neatly done. 

Here is a typical Kerala tradition. In every Malayali wedding, a container which used to measure rice during a harvest is filled with rice and a coconut flower is made to stand in the center. It's very beautiful to look at. I love the way they remove it from the pod that encloses the flower. I was fascinated the first time I saw it. Basically it symbolizes wealth, prosperity and happiness. 

Here are some detail pictures of the jewelry that Deepti was wearing. Had to take a picture since it's a Mal wedding and there has to be a lot of jewellry. :)

Pretty bride, isn't she!

Everybody rushed to the entrance to welcome the groom. Again, the malayali tradition is to welcome the groom by women (in white sarees) holding lamps lined up on either side. 

Arun was waiting eagerly to see his bride. 

Deepti was brought to the mandap by her parents. Just look at the flowers hung on the roof of the mandap.  (The two different angles captured by Meghna and me)

A mallu hindu wedding is a very short affair. It lasts for just a few minutes and is pretty straight forward.

This is a picture of Deepti's dad joining their hands in matrimony. 

A series of pictures of Arun tying the mangalsutra and Arun's sister helping at the back.

A picture of them circumambulating. At one point of time they started running around in the Mandap! :D

Yup, that was pretty much a summary of the main event.

Here is a picture with their closest of friends. A fun bunch!

Stole them away with the risk of being beaten up by their family. 

They are so made for each other. He just didn't let go of her, well he has earned the license to do so. :D

Deepti and Arun, Congratulations! It was a pleasure capturing your wedding. 

Wish you both a wonderful life in London!

Hope you liked the pictures. :) 

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  • Arun

    Don't have words to thank you Phalgun…amazing job…

    • admin

      Gee! Thanks Arun! I'm so glad you liked them! :D 

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