49. Manasa and Raj

49. Manasa and Raj

Just like the last wedding we shot, this is another couple who were colleagues, whose friendship evolved into something more than just love.

Manasa and Raj's wedding was at the Manjunatha Kalyana Mantapa on Bull Temple Road. It was a compressed version of a typical Iyer wedding. 

One thing I've come to realize is that, though I've been to so many weddings at the same venue, because of the couple it's a different experience every time. 

The wedding was early in the morning, the sun was just peeking in the horizon. 

I got to steal Manasa away for a few minutes. I was fascinated with the head gear. She apparently borrowed the 'temple jewellry' from her friend/junior who was a dancer. Pretty fancy I thought. 

Here is a picture of Raj all set for the Kashi Yatra with the Bhagavad Gita (the 'As it is' version) in his hand. 

After the Kashi Yatra, Manasa was escorted by her relatives for the mala-exchange. One thing you'll notice is that, these guys are very much in love and I told them that they looked like they were waiting to get married and Raj responded affirmatively that they were "longing to get married" :D

And the competition begins!

I love this snap. Manasa was lifted by her brothers and when it was Raj's turn to put the garland they literally ran in the opposite direction, easily a 40ft sprint. 

The Oonjal ritual was a lot of fun. Manasa would explain to her side of the family on what to do with those rice balls. And man! We had to look out for those 'flying balls of rice" in every direction. 

Another thing you'll notice in most of the pictures is that Manasa was always smiling. Initially she was a little shy but opened up and showed her true colors later on. 

Look at all the relatives lined up to get a good view of the main event. :)

Raj getting the approval from the crowd. Manasa's parents were having a lot of fun too. 

Look at the bride! So happy! It was a pleasure capturing this picture. :D

During the 'Sapthapadi' ritual, the other photographer asked Raj to look at the camera while he was lifting Manasa's leg, it was definitely an ambitious acrobatic feat! :P 

After the wedding was over, I got to take pictures of the lovely couple. They are so cute together!

Love this picture! :D

While taking pictures of best friends, anytime somebody is found talking on the mobile phone, I ask the rest to do this! :P

This was hilarious! In a Hindu marriage, the bride is considered to be "Goddess Lakshmi" and the groom as "Lord Vishnu". And I think Manasa took it a little too seriously! :)

Manasa and Raj, I'm so sure that you'll have a wonderful life together. You both are made for each other. Congratulations and wish you the best! 

Let us know if Raj fulfills your 'Non-materialistic' wish! :D

Have an awesome time in Andamans!  :)

Hope you like the pictures! 

8 Responses to 49. Manasa and Raj
  • Shyam

    Phalgun, I am an absolute fan of your photography and the Way you put the story forward.
    Photos are good as always, But Story telling missing somethin

  • Devendranath

    Lovely snaps and moments. Loved this concept. Awesome pair and both look so happy! God bless. Many wishes raj and manasa.

  • Rohan Iyer

    Hey Phalgun all the pics have come out really well.. Both Raj & Manasa r lukng so gud.. God Bless dem!!!

  • Ravi

    Fabulous snaps. Bcos the couple are so obviously in sync. Keep smiling always Raj and Manasa.

  • Naina

    I loved the photographs and the concept! Hey thank you so much! You made me feel as if I attended Raj’s wedding! I am not feeling bad anymore that I missed it

  • Kiran Shetty

    Brilliant pictures, and both look super together, super work. Missed the wedding but the pictures tell the complete story. Thanks Phalgun.
    Raj and Manasa, have a blast – you guys look great, god bless and have fun.

  • Swetha Rani

    Phalgun !! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures .. :)
    maanu you both look very charming.. Be in high spirits always :) see you soooonnnn…

  • Amrita Ramesh

    Wonderful! (it actually makes the wedding feel like it was all fun!!) Congrats to the both of you!! I'm sure you'll be very happy together!

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