48. Sukruti and Harshil

48. Sukruti and Harshil

Every love story is unique. This one is a modern love story. Both of them were complete strangers until they were cubicle mates in Oracle. Started with a hello everyday to chatting non-stop. They would chat so much that once their manager had tried really hard to separate them by putting them in different projects and different cubicles but that didn't stop them. On Feb 14th 2011, Harshil proposed to Sukruti! Yes, on Valentine's day! :D

Harshil is such a lucky guy! Dude, you can make 100s of husbands out-there super jealous of you! You have to just get one gift from now on Feb 14! The anniversary of your proposal, Valentine's Day and now your wedding anniversary being on the 12th of Feb! What a way to save money! But I'm sure that one gift has to be kick-ass if you want to save yourself! :P

Sukruti and Harshil's wedding was at Tamarind Tree in JP Nagar 9th Phase close to Konankunte Cross on Kanakapura road in Bangalore. I'd been waiting to shoot a wedding at this beautiful location. It's an outdoor mandap and the whole place has this very vintage earthy feel to it. A dream setting for a South Indian wedding.  

It was a Gujarati – Kannadiga fusion wedding. It was very interesting. Two families from two different states meeting each other for the first time for a lovely occasion is definitely a day to remember. 

Sukruti and Harshil are such a lovely couple. They were meeting each other after 3 months since Harshil works in Riyadh.

The team consisted of Meghna as the second shooter and Rampulla Reddy on the video.  

Here is a picture of the Mandap. It's big and airy. The decoration was simple, clean and just right.    

They had mainly used Sevanthige or Chamathi flowers or commonly known as 'Chrysanthemums' to decorate the place. Love these flowers!

First, there was a baraat. Harshil and his family danced their way to the entrance where they were greeted by Sukruti's family. They danced to popular numbers like "Dinka Chikka'. 

There was a competition of sorts with the songs sung by either side. The groom was welcomed by Sukruti's father. 

While I was shooting all this, Meghna was clicking some makeup and getting ready shots. 

Everywhere in Tamarind Tree you'd find windows with these colourful glasses. 

Beautiful pictures clicked by Meghna as usual. Sukruti being treated like royalty. 

Once she was ready, I sneaked her out to get some concept shots. The light was awesome, the setting was so vintage and the bride was beautiful. 

Elegance personified…. 

They were not allowed to look at each other, so had to sneak her back into her room. 

Harshil has a very calm personality (though Sukruti thinks otherwise). Many people said he looks like the actor Sunil Dutt (click here to see a picture of Sunil Dutt

After a short ritual to formally introduce the families it was time for Harshil's Kashiyatra.

During the Kashiyatra, Meghna was capturing Sukruti doing the Gowri Pooja. 

As I'd already mentioned, they had not met each other for the last 3 months and they were meeting each other for the first time when they perform the Jeerge Bella ritual. Doesn't she look very excited! :)

She was escorted by her uncles while Harshil was waiting in the mandap where a cloth was held to stop him from getting a peek at his bride. 

I gave out the secret to Harshil. I told him to duck when Sukruti throws the jeerge.

This is hilarious! How can you aim with your eyes closed!! LOL!

They poured colour-colour rice on each other. There was pink rice, green rice, blue rice, white rice, etc.. :)

They just wouldn't take their eyes off each other. The interesting thing you would notice is the red rope around them. 

Sukruti would just not stop smiling! :)

The rituals were very customised. So that they could accommodate rituals from both sides.

Here is a picture of the most important moment! (this was the first mangalasutra, Harshil tied another one later in Gujarati style)

The 'laja-homa' was remixed with 'sath-pheras'. Here you can see his family throwing flower petals purposely at their eyes. :P

I wonder if they were even listening to the pandit asking them to look at the Arundathi Nakshatra! :D

This is an interesting ritual in south Indian weddings. The groom is escorted by her parents and is made to sit on the groom's lap and also the in-law's lap. It's a way of saying that the bride is being completely handed over to them. She looks rather comfortable, don't you think. ;)

The pandiths were very nice. One of them is an IT professional who takes up weddings as a hobby.

After the wedding got over, I stole them away for some post-wedding pictures. There were so many places in and around Tamarind Tree for portraits. 

Notice the fish swimming towards them in the picture on the right. 

They changed into something more comfortable and we continued the shoot. Was scouting for places which were in the shade because the sun was pretty harsh. 

You'll get to see more of the place in these pictures. Also, check the chemistry man! :D

Aye! Sunil Dutt!! (dude, don't kill me!)

Love this picture! 

Sukruti was frequently checking if there were any of her cousins around to make fun of them. 

This picture is dedicated to the mehendi artist Kadambari Patil. I asked Sukruti to lift her leg like she is kicking a ball, she was pretty close to kicking my head off (that's how it looked through the lens)! :O

The decoration for the reception party was breath-taking. It can't get more Indian this! 

Those flowers on the roof were falling time to time. They were so fragrant! 

They went from table to table meeting the guests. It was a lovely evening. 

I want to end this post by wishing the lovely couple a wonderful life ahead! 

We thoroughly enjoyed shooting the wedding. Thanks to you and your family for the warm hospitality.

Have fun skiing in Auli!

Hope you like the pictures! And Happy Valentine's to all the readers! :D

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  • Kadambari

    You are best .. awesome clicks… feel like i have attended this wedding .. beautifuly moments captured …. and special thanks for a mehendi photo………..

  • Abijith

    Congrats..!!! Nice pics… happy married life !!!!

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    Amaging! congrats and wish you a very happy married life…God bless!

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    A very beatifull thought and truly inspiring.

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