51. Archana and Ajay’s Casual Shoot

51. Archana and Ajay’s Casual Shoot

Archana and Ajay are such a fun couple. They wanted their casual shoot to be at this beautiful location near Mysore. It was a temple which was found in the Cauvery River's backwaters. There is some renovation work going on right now. Apparently the first time Ajay brought Archana to this place it was in the evening when the sun was setting and just when the sun was about take the dip in the horizon it started drizzling. No wonder this place brings back some special memories for them.  

The temple was cool despite the mid-day sun and was extremely silent, except for the echoes we heard once in a while. We were the only people walking inside the temple, was super awesome at the same time spooky at times.

Here is a series of pictures, one entrance lead to another and finally when we entered the main temple (which is very very dark) there was just one lamp in the center which was suspended from the roof.     

So Peaceful…

This structure overlooked the backwaters. 

Loved this silhouette.

Such an adorable couple.

They just had fun in front of the camera. :D 

Here is a picture of Ajay getting tickled.

Took this picture while they were relaxing on the cool katte. 

The temple has a flavor of modern architectural designs as well. 

We clicked pictures where ever we found a beautiful background and shade. The stone flooring acted as a reflector. You can see the subtle glow on their faces. 

I told Ajay to move a little back so that I could get a picture of Archana while he was out-of-focus and this is what Ajay does!! He is doing a Balle Balle! Why?! Because he is anyway out-of-focus. :) 

They were always smiling (and me too). :)

They insisted that they get a picture with me and that I have to put it in the post. Well that's me and that's my formal attire for a casual shoot :D 

After a yummilicious lunch at Kamat LokaRuchi with unlimited supply of Jolada roti and Akki roti we stopped by Eagleton Golf Resort on our way back to Bangalore for another quick shoot. 

Ok, here is the story behind this picture and the reason for Archana laughing uncontrollably. I introduced them to Golf by getting them a bucket full of balls and a 6 iron club. Gave them a quick demo on how to whack the ball at the driving range. Archana connected the club with the ball every single time and the ball went straight down every time, but Ajay would swing the club like there is no tomorrow and would miss the ball every time. So we came up with an average hit rate for him and it was 5 swings for each ball. LOL! Ajay – remember this, Golf is not like Cricket and a cover drive is not very useful in Golf! :P  

Ah! The Golden Light! Give them a chance and they would stick together like magnets.

People! Check out the fancy ring! :D  

Archana and Ajay, I had a wonderful time with you guys. Please call me the next time you drive to the temple. I can't wait to go there again. Probably this time in the evening and when it is drizzling. :)

Hope you like the pictures. :D

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    Good idea to click casual moods by a professional….:) nice place and pretty u!

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