53. Priyanka and Darshan

53. Priyanka and Darshan

Priyanka thought I was a terrorist because I shoot people. Well, at least after the shoot her opinion must've changed. :)

Priyanka and Darshan got engaged in 2010 and waiting to get married in June this year. (18+ months since they got engaged) 

They say that the BlackBerry servers reach a peak once in a while because of these guys BBMing. He works in Dubai and had come down specifically to make arrangements for the wedding and this casual shoot was high on his agenda. :)

Darshan and Priyanka have learnt Indian Classical dance and according to Priyanka, he is a better dancer than her. (Very diplomatic) 

Priyanka is a very talented painter. She showed me some of her paintings where she used water color on canvas and MAN! They were beautiful! Picture realistic. 

First we did a shoot in Hessaraghatta and then went to Golden Palms Spa and Resort. 

We took pictures amongst the trees…

Holding  trees…


And in-between trees…

Look closely… that's a logo/signature that they have designed for themselves. That symbol has all the alphabets from both their names. :)

They were cute together. They were meeting after 3 months and I was the excuse why they were together and spending some quality time with each other. :D

Here is a picture of Priyanka standing on Darshan's feet while they danced. :)

It's March, the sun was blazing hot and yet the trees in Hessaraghatta were green. 

Always wanted to take a picture like this of the red path with a few leaves in the foreground.

Both of them changed into something more casual. Golden Palms Resort was buzzing with activity but we found some nice places for pictures. 

They would walk around holding each other … actually clinging on to each other :)

I just asked them to look back at me and got this picture. 

Priyanka would pluck flowers whereever she went and I noticed that her wedges (I said sandals and was corrected) had a matching flower too.  

I'm lucky to have met so many lovely couples and happier to be the one to take the pictures. 

They are just made for each other. Priyanka would say that their love is divine and I think I totally agree!

Priyanka and Darshan, keep smiling! Wish you the best in life! 

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Aparna

    Stay blessed! Lovely couple. 

  • Amit Bokka

    Darshannnnnnnnnn – Amazing !! Congratulations to both of you :D

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