52. Sushila and Vicky | A Tamil wedding

52. Sushila and Vicky | A Tamil wedding

Everytime somebody mentioned Vidyaranyapura, I always thought that it was on the outskirts of Bangalore. Until I had to finally go check it out because that's where Sushila's house was, I was happy to see Coffee Day and Beijing Bites in the area. Anyway, when I entered the house I found so many people getting their Mehendi done at the same time, so I just looked around the hall and asked "WHO IS THE BRIDE?" and that's when I realized that I was the only guy in the hall and had a very high chance of getting beaten-up if I acted smart. :)

But honestly, they were very very sweet. Everybody were so excited about getting their Mehendi done since all of them live outside India. 

Sushila is very creative and hence an interior designer by profession. 

I found some interesting foreground and took this shot. 

The light was just beautiful. Sushila is always smiling. There were some nice songs being played and everytime a AR Rahman song started playing, Man! Her aunts would just getup and start grooving.  

"Vigneshwaran" is the name of the groom. We started calling him "Vicky" for short. Vicky is a banker in Australia. That reminds me, every 10 minutes all of them would start a countdown, look at Sushila and start saying "Vicky, Vicky, Vicky" which would make Sushila blush bigtime. I'd taken a video on my phone but I think I'll get death-threats if I put it up on this post. :P

Neelam was the mehendi artist, very impressed with her artwork.   

This is Neela. The most 'fun' person I've ever met while shooting a Mehendi event! 
Look at her all excited about her Mehendi. :)

I made quite a few good friends that day. 

The wedding was at the Chairman's Club in Sahakarnagar (it's near the Twin Towers that you see when you drive over Hebbal).

I just loved the Mandap in the center and the fancy lamp infront of it. The sunlight was streaming through the windows lighting up the whole place.  

The entire pathway to the hall was well decorated with flowers. 

Vicky was escorted from a Ganesh temple nearby to the hall.  

Sushila was always holding either her cousin's hand or her friend Sangeetha's hand. 

Hehe! First look straight, then right and then look left! :P

The Kanyadhanam, where the three hands meet. The father of the bride handing over his daughter to the groom.

As I said, look at her smile. I like the way Sushila's dad is blessing them with the flowers. 

And they were married…. 

The whole wedding was pretty short considering it's a Tamil wedding. 

I like the way her nieces are looking at the action. 

Congratulations Sushila and Vicky! You are so made for each other. :)

The Reception was a private event with close friends and family. There were pretty busy wishing everybody and finally I got a chance to click a picture of them together. 

Sushila and Vicky, wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful life together in Australia! :)

I want to thank your family for such a lovely time. :D

Hope you like the pictures!

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  • Anu

    Congrats!!! The pics are lovely and both of you look wonderful together! 

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