55. Chethna and John

55. Chethna and John

How many of you have had a crush on someone in your class? I bet Many. Yeah, that's how Chethna and John met and fell in love. They were in the same class in Miami Ad School. Both are copywriters in different advertising companies. (I used to love to study Advertising in XIME)

I had never met Chethna, had just spoken to her on the phone. Like how I ask every client, my first question to her was "How did you guys meet?" and the love story was very interesting. I was looking forward to shooting this wedding already.

Their wedding was at my favorite mantap 'Ganjam' on Bull Temple road. The decor was simple and elegant.  

There were these lotus flowers floating in the small pond/tank and the it was covered with petals. It looked very beautiful. There were lotus everywhere. 

Ganjam has this very rustic feel. It gives you the feel of getting married in your ancestral home. Well, it is the ancestral home of the famous jewellers Ganjam Nagappa and Sons. The ambience is very special and perfect for a small wedding. 

Here is a picture of Chethna and John. John is very very tall. Chethna was standing on a big stone for this picture. 

Suddenly, while I was taking pictures of Chethna near the entrance of the mantap, she was surrounded by her sisters, friends, cousins, relatives who were all helping with the jewellry. :)

The bride! 

You can see how tall John is in the picture.

Right after Chethna finished her Gowri Pooja, she came down to see this. The pandits were trying very hard to hide John with the cloth.

Both of them are ready with the jeerge bella. Well, John could've just dunked it but he was trying to be a gentleman. 

Chethna had to stand on her toes to reach John's head. :)

This is what John calls Chethna 'Sweets McGeets'. 

John's mom was so thrilled to participate in all the rituals. She was even more happier to bless him when he tied the thali.  

Here is a picture of the Laja homa, where Chethna's brother gives the puffed rice to her to offer it to the fire (homa). 

I love this ritual where they make the bride and groom touch their foreheads. Here, noses as well  :) 

They were always holding hands. As I said, they are very cute together. John would give her a peck on her head ever so often. 

Stole them away from the crowd and took them upstairs to get some shots of both of them. 

I love the circular window in Ganjam. I finally had the opportunity to make use of it in a picture. :D

Love this picture too. :)

Got to click this picture with that lovely background when they were all by themselves.

The wedding was a lot of fun. 

The next day, there was a cocktail party at the Chancery Pavilion on Residency Road and it was Pool Side! :D

It was a more casual affair. 

Both of them were looking wonderful.

The night was awesome. They danced to 'Desi Girl' for their first dance. :)

John! Awesome moves Dude! :D 

Chethna and John, Congratulations again! Wish you the best in life. 

Do keep in touch even after you reach Boston. 

Hope you like the pictures! :D

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  • Chethna

    Awesome pictures. I saw them on our honeymoon and we loved them. Thank you!

    • admin

      I'm glad you liked them Chethna. :D

  • Allyson

    Beautiful! Congrats you two!!!!!!:)

  • Yamini

    Heart congrats, chethna! These pictures are lovely – what a pleasant concoction of colours – but nothing beats the joy in both of your eyes. And by the way, you have such stunningly beautiful eyes. Here's wishing the two of you a lifetime of joy, togetherness and soluful moments. Keep the smile. Love, hugs, prayers, straight from the heart.

  • Shaq Brown

    These photos are amazing! So beautiful! :)

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