59. Deepa and Anil

59. Deepa and Anil

This was the first Madhava wedding that we have shot. 

Deepa and Anil have known each other for around 5 years now. They were so confortable with each other and made such a lovely couple.

Anil's wit made shooting the wedding that much more fun. 

For the morning rituals, Anil was dressed up in bright purple. Pulled him out for a couple of portraits.  

While I was with Anil, Meghna was taking pictures of Deepa. Deepa is such a pretty bride!

The poojari was making these 'kodibelle' shaped thingies, was wondering where would these be used. 

That's where….

Here is a picture from Anil's Kasiyatra. That umbrella just made my day! :)

Anil had to shakeoff those 'kodibelle' thingies by swinging his head. Trust me you need some technique to do that. :)

Anil and his dad were ready with the Jeerge Bella. Poor Deepa didn't stand a chance. 

Love this picture. 

They poured color-color rice. The competition levels were comparable to a 20-20 match. :P

Love this picture. Great shot by Meghna!

Deepa was sitting facing Anil while the family members held the yellow thread around them. This thread is later used by the groom to tie it around the bride’s wrist, this is called Kankana Dhaare.  

The smile on Deepa's face while Anil tied the thali says a lot.

Here is a picture of them pouring the puffed rice during the Laja Homa.

Managed to pull them away for some portraits together. Don't they look adorable together. :)

Deepa and Anil, there are so many pictures for the wedding, had a tough time shortlisting these for the post. 

Congratulations to the both of you. Wish you the best in life where ever you are.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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