60. Kim and Milind

60. Kim and Milind

Milind met Kim at a common friend's House-warming for the first time. They didn't ever imagine that one day they would actually get married. Well, trust me they are so made for each other. 

Kim initially thought that this dude is just another guy who loves to show-off his fancy car (he has a BMW X4, super sexy car) and generally you think that guys like that have a major attitude. But, Milind is a super nice guy, he makes anybody feel comfortable and at ease around him. 

After going around for a couple of years, Milind, the creative guy he is, planned a surprise trip across Europe and on Valentine's Day they were in Verona in Italy, which is very well known for Romeo and Juliet; decided to propose to her. It can't get more special than this, does it? The place, the girl, the date, the surprise trip … perfect!

He bent down on one knee and asked her if she would like to be with him for the rest of her life and even before she said 'Yes', as soon as he saw a positive sign on her face he just shoved the ring on the wrong hand. Yup, he shoved it on the wrong finger and he didnt want to waste even a second. Thanks to Facebook, everbody knew about it in an instant. :)

I thought this was the most gutsy romantic story I've heard in a long time. 

It was a simple wedding with a small gathering. Their wedding was at the Ganjam Mantap, by now some of you frequent readers know how much I love this place. :)

Our job was to shoot the Wedding on video only in our documentary style while Dev Purbiya (www.cam-dev.in) was the photographer.  

Here are the wedding highlights. Sit back and Enjoy. 

Cameramen: Rampulla Reddy, Phalgun P

Edited by: Phalgun P


Kim and Milind, wish you the best and have a wonderful life together wherever you are! :)

Hope you liked the video. 

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