57. Shruthi and Sarath

57. Shruthi and Sarath

It is a little less than 2 years since I started CuspConcepts. Shot so many weddings but finally I had the opportunity to shoot my cousin's wedding. The best part is that the two of them are such a sweet couple.

Sarath is one of my favorite cousins. In our family there are primarily 3 generations of cousins and Sarath is in between the last and the middle. So he was always like a kid brother and the one who would cry the most (we didn't have anything to do with it) . :P 

The most memorable times were when we used to play cricket as kids and he would threaten us that he would poke us with the wicket if we bowled too fast. He has a record of dropping 100 catches in 2 months so we called him "Thooth Raja". Well, that was years ago. For almost 5-6 years we didn't meet that often since I was too busy with Engg and MBA etc. and when I met him after so long I was shocked (in a nice way) to see how mature this dude had become. And then we got to know that he was in 'Love' with this girl called 'Shruthi' in his class at PESIT Engg college. I was so happy for him. :)

Shruthi is a very sweet girl. Also dangerous at times, well you need somebody like that to keep someone like Sarath in control. :P 

Both of them work in California and both of them are major NERDS! :)

You will see for yourself how much they are in love with each other in each of the pictures below. 

It was a very traditional wedding with events spread across over a week. It was awesome fun since the whole family were meeting for such an occasion after so many years and also because I was the photographer. ;) (Modesty gone down the drain)

The wedding was a hybrid of both Kannadiga and Telugu styles. It was at the Rajhans Conventional Hall in Rajajinagar. I had the opportunity to share my ideas while planning the decorations so I was pretty selfish that way, was only thinking about how a particular element would enhance the photograph. For example the LEDs in the backdrop gave us awesome Bokeh (out-of-focus lights) and also asked the decorator to put a bench at the back so close family could sit and watch the wedding, etc.

Raghunandan was the second shooter. Thanks to him for letting me enjoy the wedding too. 

The Reception started with cutting a fancy cake made by BLISS. (which by the way vanished in less than 5 minutes) 

Shruthi was looking beautiful in the lovely ghaghra.

Don't they look GREAT together…

The BOKEH! Sigh… was such a pleasure taking these pictures.

The next day, once Shruthi finished her Gowri pooja, it was time for Sarath's Kasiyatra. This picture is considered more important than the thali-tying picture. :)

Love to include the crowd in such pictures. Slowly getting inclined to using the wide-angle lens more and more. 

And there shall be showers of blessings…

Once he returned to the mantap, the rituals were kicked off in full steam. Here is a picture of them exchanging the Jeerge Bella.

Liked the way the other siblings participated in the Kanyadhanam. That's Sarath's brother and Shruthi's sister holding the plate.

Love this picture. This is where we would typically go 'Dey!'

The Nadaswara started their Mangalya tune and it was time for Sarath to tie the thali.  

This ritual is called 'Talambralu' in Telugu and this is where people with cameras test their skills to capture the rice mid-air.

Just love this picture. Good job Raghu! :)

They were both lifted high up and the competition began…

This was hilarious! While all the guys fought for the bucket with the rice, the bride sneaked out from all that craziness. :D

There was a short break and we stole the bride away for a few fun pictures. 

Here is a picture with all the pretty brides in the family. The left most is my lovely wife Shwetha :D 

Nice to see the smiles on the faces of their 'in-laws' at the back. :)

Sarath was extremely caring. He made sure that Shruthi was comfortable at every step. 

Another good picture by Raghu. 

Sarath: "I have a surprise for you…"  

Shruthi: "REALLY :D" 

Shruthi – A Myriad of expressions.

Wonder who is showing the Arundathi star to whom . :D

Another "Dey!" picture. :)

Man! I think this is one post with the maximum no. of smileys! :P 

Sarath and Shruthi, I'm so happy for you both. You are just made for each other! Congratulations. Sniff.

Have an awesome time in Kerala. Hope to meet you sometime in the future in California. :)

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Neelakka

    Great job with the pictures and the write up Guna! I have to agree Sharath and Shruthi are super cute!

    • Phalgun

      Hey Akka!
      Thank you. So nice to see a comment from you. :)
      – Phalgun


    Phalgun  You have done excellent job.  Congrats.  Keepit up.  

    • admin

      Thanks Uncle. :)

  • Haritha

    Super Phalgun
    Nice Click…………..:)

  • Prathiba

    Good one! went through the pics, its simply superb with the write up!
    I have attended this wedding reception, as the groom's dad is a friend of my dad ! :)
    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pics! :D

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