58. Varsha and Prashant | Casual Shoot

58. Varsha and Prashant | Casual Shoot

Hello Everybody!

This post has been updated with more pictures from a 'Post-Wedding' Shoot.

Scroll down to check them out. Thanks. 

We are all so familiar with the phrase "Opposites attract", well Varsha and Prashant proved this theorem once again. :)

Varsha was a collegue of mine in MindTree. She is a great dancer, she was part of this group which was so popular that at every MindTree fest there would be no place to stand in the hall when they performed. I'm glad that I shot some of their performances. Heads turned where ever she went. 

Prashant is like my 'brother from another mother', for one he likes 'Captain Morgan' :D  

So, it all started when Prashant proposed to her at the 'chappal stand' in Rajarajeswari Temple. :) Yes, I want to stress on the Chappal Stand again.

They slowly realized that they have very little in common and yup, that was perfect! You'll see how adorable they are together. We did the shoot at the Golden Palms Resort and SPA. 

This is for all the women who read the post, check out the fancy 'Fossil' handbag (Prashant's gift) and the sandals (or should I say Chappal :P)

They would never let go of each other…

Prashant was all romantic by plucking some pink flowers and sticking it in Varsha's hair. Varsha, that's your response?!

Loved the texture and the patterns in this picture and obviously the lovely couple.

Prashant was super camera shy but got into the groove and was ready to dance pretty soon. 

I Louuve this picture!

Varsha doing a peek-a-boo :)

The light was amazing, the air was so fresh and is there anything better than taking that walk with the love of your life. Sigh. 

Varsha was trying to teach Prashant a few dance moves. 

Varsha, he is always gonna be there to catch you when you fall (or you could just use a step ladder to get off park benches :P)


Here are some more pictures from Round #2 of the photoshoot. This time it was after the wedding. Varsha wanted to have the shoot in Nrityagram. 

I had such an awesome time taking pictures today. It was noon and the sun was right above our heads so I kept searching for shade and honestly love the way the pictures have come out. 

Man! I have to mention this. The taxi we had hired to that place had a broken windshield, after sitting in the car for 15 mins it was easy to figure out why. :P 

As usual, Varsha and Prashant were at their adorable best. They made the shoot all the more fun. :D

Looking good Prashant and dont worry you haven't put on any weight. :)

"See that girl, Watch that scene, Dig in the dancing queen…" – ABBA

Photog Tip: Use Brick walls as light reflectors, they give such a lovely diffused warm light. Perfect for Portraits. 

Check out Varsha's Sindhoor. (Plenty of broken hearts out there.) 

That mobile phone bag followed us everywhere. 

Love the RED background and the subtle shadow. 

Shine a light on her… (Listening to too much pop I guess)

This is where all the girlies go "Awwwwwwww" (I don't comprehend that word, is it like how we guys would say "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude"?)

Photog Tip: Use of lines to guide the viewer to the subject. Called leading lines or some professionals call it the 'Eye path'

Love this picture!

Perfect attire for World Environment Day! :D

Totally loved the pillars so had to use it in a picture. 

Guys, you both make such a wonderful pair. I'm sure you'll have an awesome time together.

I want to wish you the best in life wherever you are. 

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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