61. Pooja and Bharath

61. Pooja and Bharath

This is another modern love story. Pooja met Bharath through a common friend. And after a few romantic dates together, Bharath finally gathered all his confidence and a lot of heart to propose to her one night at a popular hangout. 

You can guess what the outcome was when he proposed. :D

After two years, today they are coming together in holy matrimony. 

The most awesome part about this assignment was that level of freedom, their parents and relatives were a lot of fun. Their friends just made the wedding so much more lively.

The wedding was at the Radhakrishna Convention Hall in Basavangudi. I really liked the idea of having the mantap in the center.

At every wedding, I get attracted to these lamps like a small fly. I had to share it.

Bharath was looking good in full Iyengar avatar.

Bharath was not allowed to look at Pooja until after the Kasiyatra. So I'll keep it a secret for you too. 

Like Asha aunty's expression.

Tada! Here comes the bride… carried by two very enthu uncles. They were swinging her as they got her, first time I've seen someone do that. 

Pooja's dad taking a sneak peek from under the cloth/shawl at how his daughter looked. Love this picture!

Attack!!! Proof that Pooja won this challenge. :)

Now I know where the stunts in Matrix get their inspiration from. Look at Bharath. :P

Finally they were together.

Kanyadhanam was a myraid of emotions. From tears to smiles to tears and smiles again. 

Pooja doing a :P

Look at this picture, the moment when Bharath had to tie the thali, the whole hall sounded like I was in a Cricket Stadium. 

Pooja going Yay!

Congratulations you two! :D

The Sapthapadi started and the next thing I see is that they are face to face. I was like wha..t? :D

Pooja, don't worry, he is not running away. :)

I want to end this post with this picture.

You both are so perfect for each other. I'm so glad I shot this lovely wedding.

Wish you the best in life.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

7 Responses to 61. Pooja and Bharath
  • sree ramya

    nice pics …loved it. well how about planning to shoot my wedding .

  • Pooja

    Best decision was to get you to shoot our wedding!!!! :) Thanks a lot…..You just made it more special than it already was!! :) :)

  • Vasanthi

    Hey Pooja, missed your madhuve! But more than made up for it with these splendid pictures. The only thing that I cannot get recreated is – your wedding feast. For which I will have to harass Rohini/Asha aunty:). Lots of love to you & Bharath.  

  • Shilpa

    Loved the Unjjal. Reminded me of my wedding. My cousins lifted me I was able to garland Adi first. FYI: I rule. Hope you garlanded bharath 1st

  • Divya

    I’m reading your story now. . Wonderful it is. . :-)

  • Aparna

    These are one of the best wedding pictures that I have see. Beautifully taken!!

  • Nagraj Shetty

    Wow! so well written pooja :) I became fan of yours….you can be a real awesome poet and author…I am going to hire you for my all future writing…hahaha…Happy fabulous marriage life….God bless you bot of you :)

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